Places to Eat

Susan and I were talking abotu places to eat and our favorites and stuff the other night on AIM and I love traveling, isn’t it funny how when you go to other states or places there is always that one place you want to eat? In Rehoboth Beach, DE it’s Louise’s, In Ocean City it Harborside, in Gilbert, SC it is Shealy’s, in Rock Hill, SC it’s Red Bowl, in Las Vegas it’s The World Buffet, in Disney World it’s Le Celliar Steakhouse in Canada, in Tucson it’s the Pancake Haus, in Lancaster PA it’s Good and Plenty. Why can’t we have all of these places right here in Baltimore. LOL We arn’t going to have time to eat at the Pancake Haus in Tucson this go round, so I will have to wait to next time for some awesome Potato Pancakes. I am however planning on going to Ocean City and Rehoboth in October or November for some Christmas shopping so I will get my Orange Crush fill up then. What’s an Orange Crush you ask? Only the best drink ever! It is served in this little out of the way bar in Ocean City called Harbor side.

Harborside Yummy Orange Crush

My family has been going there for years! We are also going to hit up Rehoboth Beach for some outlet shopping and to go to Louise’s. We used to own a house in Rehoboth Beach and we had Louise’s Pizza at least once a week all summer long. I miss our beach house. We have the Condo in Ocean City and that’s a close second. 🙂 Pete and I also have our Bed and Breakfast gift certificate to use up before the end of the year. Oh maybe some outlet shopping in Lancaster is in order with a stop at Good and Plenty!


One Response to “Places to Eat”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    Good and Plenty has nothing on Shady Maple outside of Lancaster PA… trust me lol…

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