Mexico Day 4

Our last day in Mexico!  We are both totally sad to be leaving.  It was such a great getaway!  We got up super early to head back to Tucson.  We wanted to be able to spend as much time with Pete’s parents as we could. We took our last pictures before Checking out.

Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007

We checked out of the hotel and stopped to get some money from the ATM.  $500 pesos!  We need gas and toll money.  None of the Gas Stations we seen had Pay at the Pump.  They were all Full Service!  Once we were on the road we stopped for gas and all of these stray dogs flooded to the car for food I guess.  It was sad to see all these hungry dogs, not to mention the dead ones on the side of the road.

Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007

We stopoped at a Carl’s Jr. (which is just like a Hardee’s) to use the bathroom and grab some breakfast burgers at like 9am!

Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007

We had two check points to go through where the guys had HUGE guns. I was a bit nervous, but we didn’t have any problems.

Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007

We made it to the border in good time.  There are so many people selling stuff at the boarder!  They swarm your car!  They let us back in the Country so that is good!

Imported Photos 00595

Imported Photos 00597Mexico ~ Day 4 ~ October 2007

Then we headed on to see Pete’s parents.  We went and had family pictures taken before dinner.  Then we got a few of just Pete and I.  I will post them when I get them from his sister.  It’s funny, I like 5X7’s, I like sitting them around in frames,  Well Pete’s Dad is all about the 10X13’s.  He ordered like 8 of them!  🙂   After pictures we headed home to hang out and have some of the ebst food ever!  We also showed his Dad how to do a few things on his MAC.  It was a great day!

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2 Responses to “Mexico Day 4”

  1. mamamichele Says:

    i always hate leaving vacations. I have so much energy when we are leaving to GO on vacation and when we get there. But when we leave to go home? Steve-o gets to pack the car by himself. 🙂

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I can’t believe they let you nut jobs back into the US lol…

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