Fun Weekend Plans

I have a really fun weekend planned.  Tomorrow I need to clean up a bit and them Ryelah is coming to spend the day with me.  We are going to have a great time.  I can not wait.  I think Crystal and Dakoda may stop over for a visit too.

I tried to talk Nikki into an overnight visit for Ryleah but she said No Way! LOL  She just can not bear to go to sleep at night without her baby in the house with her.  I completely understand because I don’t think I could leave my kids either.  I don’t understand parents leaving their kids all the time.  The lady at work is even planning a vacation with out her two kids!  A VACATION, Like a Week or 10 days or something!  That should be a family affair.  My Dad’s Girlfriend’s daughter went to Disney with us in January and left her FIVE kids home!  They were all heartbroken!  How do you go off and have fun with out your kids!  I do however understand a weekend getaway every once in a while if it is to somewhere not appropriate for kids, but could not stand more then 2 days tops away from them!  I am a firm believer that you should not have kids if you are not ready for them to be part of your life 100% (at least 98%) of the time.  My parents never once went on vacation without my sister and I.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times we were left with a babysitter too!  I just think that is how it should be.  Now once we got older we were all about sleepovers with our cousins and grandparents and school friends.  I am sure our parents enjoyed the one night break, but they always came early the next day to get us.  My mom also said she cried every time she would drop us off!

I am also going to finish up all of the invitation packets to get them mailed out.   Just to see the actual invitations in print makes me all weak in the knees!  This is really going to happen and I couldn’t be happier!  I don’t know when I should order my dress.  I am losing weight and I don’t want it to be super huge, but i know all dresses need to be altered anyway!  I am not sure where I should store my dress after I get it either.  I don’t want Pete to see it, until I make my grand entrance!  LOL 

Last weekend I went to Both Ryleah and Dakoda’s Birthdays!  The pictures are on flickr, but these are a few of my favorites.

Dakoda’s Party 


Happy Birthday

Ryleah’s Party

Fish Face

Pretty Ryleah!

2 Responses to “Fun Weekend Plans”

  1. Brea Says:

    I am with you! Alex and Bethie have never spent one night away from me. They are mine and I couldn’t sleep without them home with me!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I am thinking I will leave my kids once in a while for a weekend, or overnight with Laura like if we have a wedding or somthing unchild like to go to. I also see nothing wrong with leaving them wil loved ones for a little while ((thats how I get to spend lots of time with Ryleah), but I just don’t think I could go to Disney World with out my 5 kids!

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