Blogging from Bed

Well I am sleeping in the spare room again tonight.  The other day Pete was wearing his dumb slippers and slipped down the last two steps.  Well he messed his back up pretty good!  Yesterday it was awful and he was hollering out in pain all day.  I slept in the spare room last night because I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible.  I am doing it again tonight.  I am so lonely sleeping back here all alone.  I brought the laptop up to watch the episode of ER I missed two weeks ago, only to discover ER is not showing full episodes online anymore.  So I thought I would blog real quick.  I am starting my new job tomorrow.  I am super excited!  Wish me luck.  LOL   

I am so thankful I got the invitations done.  I will go to the post office one day this week to get them out in the mail.  I dread seeing how much they are going to cost apiece to send out. 

Well I am off to bed.  Just thought I would ramble on one last time before I head on to bed!  Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did! 

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3 Responses to “Blogging from Bed”

  1. Ani Says:

    Ouch! I hope Pete feels better soon. I think you can get the episode on Itunes?

  2. Lisanne Says:

    Oh, man! I’m so sorry that Pete hurt his back! That’s awful! Hopefully he’ll feel better soon. At least he’s a chiropractor and knows how to help his back, right? Our wedding invitations cost $.55 to mail out, but we just had a regular envelope, you know? (With all of the little envelopes inside, tissue paper, etc.) But it sounds like you’re sending packages, right? Hope it doesn’t cost *too* much!

  3. Lisanne Says:

    Oh, and P.S. I was going to say that I’ve been sleeping on the futon in our bonus room for some time now. Yes, I’m not sleeping with my husband. Crazy, huh? But … I have several reasons for that. Mainly, he snores like CRAZY and I can’t stand it! And he sleeps with THREE king-size pillows. There’s no room for me. 😦

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