Sunday is a Great Day!

I love a good lazy Sunday!  Today wasn’t nearly as lazy as I would have liked, but some-lazy never the less!  I got up late and then I cooked Pete and I Breakfast Burritos.  Then we watched some of our TiVo’ed shows.  There were so many.  Then I took me a nice long nap.  Atleast 2 hours or so.  We have the most comfortable sofa!  When I woke up I started on the mounds of laundry that needed to be done.  So many!  I cooked up some stir fry and a some Orange Roughy.  I had some leftovers from yesterday and since it was so really good yesterday I thought it would be good today.  I was right.  After that I stuffed 50 invitation packets.  Each one included a letter written by Pete and I (and signed), an article on Disney Cruises not just being for kids, a Price information Sheet, Passport information, a Passport Application and Cruise Material that I ordered from Disney.  Oh and the formal Invitations (which turned out fabulously!).  It took hours.  We are inviting about 40 families.  We know most people will not be able to make it, but it’s kinda a heads up for the reception back here in Baltimore.  We have 150 or so people to invite to that party.  It is going to be so fun!  I can not wait.  I know for sure my Bff’s and Dad and sister will be at the wedding, plus Pete’s parents and sisters and some of his friends.  It will be nice and intimate.  The wedding is going to be on a private section of the beach before the other cruise guest are allowed off of the boat.  It will be secluded and beautiful!  I cannot wait to see the pictures.  We are opting for the big picture package (of course)!  I am so excited about this wedding.  Not only is it going to be fabulous, but I am going to be married to the greatest guy ever! 




2 Responses to “Sunday is a Great Day!”

  1. Ani Says:

    You have been a busy beaver!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    Yes, you’ve been busy! Wow! I can’t believe that your invitations are almost out already! We received a *helpful* tip when we were engaged ~ to splurge on the photos, because those are what you have long after the wedding is over. We spent a *lot* on our photography, and they were right. We have all of these beautiful photos to cherish now!

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