Almost the Weekend & the First Dress

I start looking forward to the weekend around Monday afternoon.  I can not wait for the weekend.  Weekends are when Pete and I get to spend time together.  This weekend I will be spending time with my favorite little girl again.  I love my Saturdays with Ryleah.  She is the sweetest!  I don’t know what we have planned for this weekend besides Saturday babysitting.  Sunday is open.  I do know I am going to cook a roast, make some things for lunches next week, clean and wash clothes!  How exciting!  LOL

I found the prefect casual flower girl dress for Ryleah to wear in the wedding. 



Isn’t it GREAT!  It is dainty and casual all at the same time!  Nikki is ordering it.  I offered to get it for her though.  It is a steal, and end of season sale.  We got it a size bigger and hope she will fit in it.  If not we will need to find a new dress.  I think it will be fine though!  I love it.  One dress down 5 more to go!


5 Responses to “Almost the Weekend & the First Dress”

  1. shannylj Says:

    LOVE the dress! And if it’s too big she can just have it altered.

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    love the dress! And yeah if it is too big that is such an easy dress to alter!

  3. Ani Says:

    That is cute. Yes she can have it tailored.

  4. cady Says:

    i love the dress. it’s adorable!

  5. Abbi Crutchfield Says:

    I found this site and dress by Googling. Searching for last-minute flower girl dress, and this is great! Where did you order it from? Thanks!

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