Change of Heart

We have had a great morning with Ryleah.  She is truly the best 2 year old in the world.  Ryleah has always been not to fond of Pete until today!  She loved him.  We all played ball for like an hour and then when the rain died down we headed to Cookies for breakfast!  Ryleah enjoyed talking to all the people in there and totally charmed them all.  She was cracking Pete up the whole time we were there.  She was “hiding” a crayon in her hand and getting him to pick which hand it was in.  It wasn’t hard since about half an inch of crayon was hanging out of each side of the little fist!  SOoo funny!  When we got home from breakfast she let Pete get her out of the car seat and carry her in the house.  She ran right for the office to play with the ball again.  Pete even got a hug!  Then she wanted to watch “Cinderelli”.  We all laid down on the sofa and watched the whole movie.  Pete fell asleep and Ryleah wanted some peanut butter so she and I got up.  I put the roast on and I got her some peanut butter (off a spoon none the less) and some Juice.  Then we laid back down and finished up the movie.  It is one of my favorites!  It is Ryleah’s absolute favorite!  Once the movie was over I took her up for a nap.  I have been doing some Honeymoon planning and I think I worked a few awesome things out!  I am soo excited!  It has been such a fun morning.  I love that Ryleah has come around and now is liking my sweet boy!  Nikki and I think that she was scared of him cause he kinda reminded her of her Dad but then he would get close and find out that Pete isn’t Jason.  They don’t look alike, but they are both big guys with glasses.  Whatever the reason it’s great that it’s over!  LOL

2 Responses to “Change of Heart”

  1. Ani Says:

    So glad the three of you had a good day!

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    My neice Emma loves Steven more than anyone else in the whole world.. (including her own mother!)

    Got any honeymoon details (that arent to mooshy) that you can share?

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