Disney Again?

Since announcing my engagement and wedding plans I have got the “Why Disney?” question a few times and the “Disney Again?” more then once.  I know some people haven’t had the chance to travel,  at least travel as much as I have.  I have been to other countries, tons of states lots of different vacation spots, but there is that one that I always long to head back to.  Walt Disney World.  Why you ask? 

It’s the Little Things!

Well everyone knows that I love all things Disney, especially the Mecca of all things Disney, Walt Disney World.  At least once a week I get the old “Disney Again?” “Don’t you want to go somewhere else?” “Don’t you want to vacation other places?” “Why Disney?” “What makes Disney World so great?” Well in four words “It’s the little Things!”  I usually take at least 2 vacations a year, if not more.  I try to make one of them Walt Disney World.  It is hard to understand if you have never been to that shiny happy place in central Florida.  Sure there is the fact that it is an Amusement Park, but the “Amusement Park” part doesn’t make up one tenth of what makes Disney World magical. For me it is the Disney experience (wouldn’t you agree Michele?). When I go to stay at a hotel I usually don’t use the wake up call, especially if there is an alarm clock in the room, but at Disney you get a wake up call from the Big Cheese himself.  How can you not opt for that.  When you go to breakfast you don’t get just waffles, you get waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  When you are at a non-Disney Amusement park and the line wait is 60 minutes to ride one of the major attractions you stand in line for 60 minutes with nothing to look at but the sweaty unhappy person in front of you.  Now think of this, you are waiting in Line for the Tower of Terror in Disney Studios.  The wait is 60 minutes.  You start out waiting in a zig zaggy path through the grounds of the Hollywood Hotel, you go past over-grown gardens, waterless fountains, statues that have eyes that follow you, you hardly notice that 20 minutes have past, now you are entering the Hotel, it is old and creepy, the lobby is covered in dust and it has that “old” smell, you go into a room and watch a short episode of the Twilight Zone and you don’t even know you are traveling to another line queue.  The doors of the room open (another 20 minutes gone) and you are in the basement of the hotel, you see the boilers and the cement and you are heading to an elevator, a service elevator.  After 20 minutes of exploring this area you are on the ride. So it isn’t like you stood in line an hour for a 2 minute ride.  It was an experience, not a line!  How about the music that is in the background no matter what area of the park you are in.  You don’t notice that the music fits the theme of where you are or that is changes with each new land you go into.  I could sit on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom for hours and watch.  Watch what?  Every thing, nothing.  Have you ever been to an Amusement Park that didn’t have as much as a gum wrapper on the ground, a park that has topiaries and manicured lawns and lakes and rivers all in one place.  How about a park that doesn’t have a thing that needs to be painted, it is brand new all the time.  Well if you have been to Walt Disney World you have!  You can go into Epcot and visit far off lands, travel around the world in a day.  As you go to each country everyone who works in that country is a native of it.  They speak the language, they have the stereotypical “look” they will share their home country with you.  It is also very cool that when you go into Germany you will run into Snow White, France has Belle and the Beast, Morocco…Yup Aladdin and Jasmine, you may even get lucky and see Mulan in China.  You can eat in tons of countries.  You can try natove foods with out traveling to the ends of the earth.  Did you know that under the Magic Kingdom is a whole town of tunnels and buildings?  The reason…Walt didn’t want the guest in Future World to see the Cast Members who work in Adventure Land on their way to their stations in their Adventure Land Clothes.  Walt didn’t want the experience of the future to be off even a little bit!  In Animal Kingdom there are continents that most of us have not had a chance to visit.  There are more animals then you can imagine.  There are two broadway worthy live shows.  You can see 100’s of carvings on the trunk of the Tree of life.  You can even stop to listen to a steal drum band and end up dancing with a photographer who works there. 

It is also the Joy and happiness.  When you are in the 47 square miles that make up Walt Disney World you are happy (tired, but happy).  Everyone around you is happy.  The other guests are smiling the children are ecstatic, the cast members (park workers) are helpful, happy and courteous.  It is an amazing place that fills you with joy.  A place like no other!

Weddings and marrying the love of my life is something else that fills me with Joy.  I think getting married on a tropical island surrounded by my closest friends, and then visiting the Happiest place on earth is pure magic.  I think spending my honeymoon, together time with the most wonderful guy ever, in a place that invokes such joy and happiness is a privilege.  It is a privilege I am so happy to have. 

So when people ask me why?, the only real answer is why not?  Most of the time the people asking have never experienced all there is experience in the Happiest Place on Earth, most of the time it is people who have no life experience and have spent their entire life in one place (I have met people who have never left the state of MD!).  I am not the closed minded one in the conversation.  I have seen alot of America and a few out of the country locations as well and no other place has the joy and happiness that you can find in those 47 square miles in central Florida.  No other place cares so much about “The Little Things”.  You don’t get the questions from people who have been to Disney World, never, those people know why you are going back! 

These are just some of the Little Things that make it so special. There are 100’s more! Do you have any to add????


4 Responses to “Disney Again?”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    I get the “disney again?!” thing all the time.. especially from my parents, who dont believe in vacations! We NEVER went on one ever. We went to visit family. Imagine being 11 and all your friends head to hawaii, or to Disney or whatever.. and where did you go? Fruita Colorado. YAWN.

    I guess WDW is our family’s happy place because that is where we became a family. I remember the exact moment. we were on mainstreet USA and watching WISHES. Holding eachother and suddenly I realized that we were no longer a Daddy and his daughter and a Mommy and hers.. but one single family. It was one of the top five most magical moments of my life. Id go every year if I could.

  2. Ani Says:

    Why not is a good reply. Cause its awesome!

  3. shannylj Says:

    I totally get it. I was born less than an hour from Disney, went every week when I was little when we lived there, have been back upteen times, and never, ever get tired of it. It’s their attention to detail, attention to quality, devotion to magic. It really is a magical place that makes you feel like a kid again. Those who know, KNOW.

  4. whimsicalchaos Says:

    you need to be a dinsey travel agent lol!!! Love your write up!

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