Happy Halloween

Tonight after work Pete and I went to my sisters.  She lives on a good street in a good neighborhood and it is fun to give out candy at her house.  This is our 3rd year, so I guess it’s tradition.  Tonight we painted up her belly.  Doesn’t it look cute.  LOL  She was a bit cold outside once the sun went down, but got lots of compliments.  The orange stained my fingers, but thankfully not her belly!  My Dad was there working, Laura is finishing a 2nd story on her house so there will be plenty of room for Princess, so since my Dad was there and we were all together we thought we would order some Chinese food.  We ordered from Pete’s favorite place called Chopstixxs.  Yummy!  We just got home and I made up the little picture above.  Had to show off my pumpkin!


3 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    oh my gosh. that is so stinking cute! What a fun picture to have… this baby is so lucky to have an auntie who is so involved in her life…even before she arrives!

  2. shannylj Says:

    THAT IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!! Love it! Love that the Baby got to be a part of Halloween before she’s even here!

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    omg I love it… sooo freakin cute!

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