Invitations are in the mail.  Finally!  Yesterday after I took Pete to work I went to the post office to stamp and mail our wedding Invitations.  The bill at the post office was $96.00!!!  Good lord!  I had three differant groups to send out.  One group cost $5-$7 to send out.  There were only 2 of them.  They had extras inside.  Then there was a group that used 6 stamps each.  There were maybe 10 of these.  Then there was like 40-45 that required 5 stamps each.  I could have had the post office weigh them all and stamp them, but I wanted to use Disney Stamps to add to the cuteness of the envelope design! 

These are all of the invitations in the back seat of our car!


The Post Office
Post Office

The Mailing


I added stickers to the outside of the envelopes. I also used up the last of the Lisa & Pete picture return address labels. There are like 5 that have regular non picture return address labels! I didn’t want to wait for a new order to come in. I am so glad these are finally out! Now I hope the calls start for people to finish up their bookings. I am thinking we will book atleast another 5 or 6 cabins!