Rehoboth Beach


Pete and I had the best weekend.  We left Baltimore and headed to Rehoboth around lunch time Friday. 
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We stopped and got lunch on the way.  We got to the Bed and Breakfast in no time at all.  We got all checked in and tested out the bed.  Oh it was very comfy! 
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Then we hit the outlets and did some shopping.  We got some Christmas gifts for my favorite kids at the Disney store and at the Christmas tree Store.   We also went to Coach and Casual Male and a few others. 

After doing tons of shopping we talked about what we wanted to eat.  We ended up at an Irish Pub called Finbar.  The food was AMAZING!  Pete had some Guinness and a Smoothie which is Guinness and Cider.  I had a Strawberry Daiquiri to drink.  I had the best Onion Soup and Burger ever.  Pete had Fried Oysters and Prime Rib.  The resturant was decorated so nice.  We had the best anniversary date. 

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After dinner we went back to the B & B and shared a piece of Chocolate cheesecake.  We laid in bed and Pete fed it to us.  It was so romantic and so great!  This was a wonderful idea! 

We had a great breakfast on Saturday at the B & B and met Laura and Brandon for lunch.  We went to Louie’s Pizza and it was sooo good.  I can not go to Rehoboth with out going to Louie’s.  It was freezing outside and windy and guess who forgot our coats.  ME!  LOL  We took some pictures near the water and I needed a Kohr Brother’s Orange Sherbet.  Actually we all shared it.  LOL 
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After a little while on the board walk we hit the outlets again.  We shopped a few hours and talked about how nice it would be to live in Del. where there is no sales tax. 

We stopped by my favorite fruit stand on the way home and they still had their Halloween Display all set up. We got a few pictures and some squash and apples.

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One the way home we stopped by Sonic and I had a Cherry Limeade and Pete had a Whooper Shake. 

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So good!  When we got to the outlets near the bay bridge we stopped and got a few more things.  Pete made out like a bandit this weekend!  LOL   


4 Responses to “Rehoboth Beach”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    Wow. it sounds like yall had such a fun weekend. I love how yall take time to get out and away from home. The beach looked BRRRRRRRRRRR chilly though 😉

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    sounds like you all had a great time!!

  3. lvjensen75 Says:

    I looked through all of your pictures, and it looked and sounded like you guys had an awesome time! How fun! And just think, when Laura has her little one, you’ll be able to make trips like that with a brand-new baby! hehe 🙂 That’ll be so much fun, too! Great photos. I hope that you have an excellent week!

  4. Ani Says:

    Again so glad you had such a nice time:) I love the beach when its cold, it’s not as overrun with folks. But I am odd like that I guess.

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