Princess’s First Hospital Visit

My sister is so accident prone!  She gets hurts all the time.  She has actually made it six months into this pregnancy without getting hurt once……that is until tonight.  She was cooking and left the sauce on the stove and it bubbled all over the wall and floor.  She cleaned the floor up and was climbing up a step stool and fell off the stool.  She hit the counter with her arm hard!  She called my Dad’s (where Pete and I were talking with him about wedding stuff) and she was crying hard!  My Dad and I ran out of the house and took her to the hospital.  There was about a 5 hour wait.  Thankfully Brandon has a friend who is an ER nurse and she got us back to see the doctor ASAP.  Well after they found out her arm was not broke the Doctor sent her up to Labor and Delivery.  We heard the heartbeat right away so the relieved us some!  She was hooked to a monitor and told that she can not leave for atleast 4 hours!  I am just getting home now at midnight!  She has almost 2 more hours to go.  I just called the hospital and my Dad told me that Laura and the baby are completely fine.  Th Doctor in L & D was a jerk.  Laura started calling him Dr. CF (Cock Face)….LOL  She is too funny!  One other jerk thing.  The transporter who took her from the ER to L&D was telling Laura how she gave birth at only 24 weeks and that her son was still in the NICU.  She said she fell (!!!!) and went into labor 4 days later.  UGH!  That is so not the thing to tell a new mom!  Here are some pictures taken with my cell phone from tonight!


The Baby's 1st Hospital VisitBlood Draw

Bored Daddy to BeBored Daddy