Welcome Weekend

The weekend is here!  Hip Hip Horay!  LOL  I am up cleaning up a little bit before Ryleah gets here.  I am so excited to spend the day with such a great little girl.  We do not have much planned for today, but I am sure we will find something fun to do.  This is the last Maryland Football game.  I will miss our weekend together.  

We have recieved a lot of possitive feedback about our wedding plans.  I think we are going to have between 30-50 people on our cruise wedding.  How wonderful is that going to be!  Pete came up with a great Idea, we are going to give out laynards and pins to all the kids there so we can start them on the fun that is pin collecting.  Pin collecting is a BIG thing in Walt Disney World.  Pete and I got bit by the Pin bug on our last trip.  LOL  It is alot of fun! 

I hope that everyone has a great time cruising with us.  Here is a Link to a wedding on the beach and a link to thier reception on the ship.  Look at that cake!  I am sooo excited!