Weekend Fly By..

This weekend has just flown on by.  It went so fast!  Friday night I picked Pete up from work and we went to the Chiropractor.  Afterwards we were hungry and started the old discussion about where to eat, it is alwyas “I don’t care, where do you want to eat.  I don’t knoe where do you want to eat?”.  I stopped at Wachovia to deposit my check and the Pete suggested Bennigans.  I hate chain restaurants, but do love a good Monte Christo so I said ok.  Well we were parking when Pete changed his mind…LOL…I think the sight of Pizza Hut across the street was calling his name!  So we drove across the street and had some so so pizza.  It took so long we got 50% off our bill!  We then headed home.  I dropped Pete off and went to my Sisters to keep her company and we had a great visit, that is until we both fell asleep!  My Brother in law woke me up after midnight!  I was in his spot in the bed.  LOL  It was sooo cool to lay in bed and feel the baby.  She was rolling all around!  I can not wait to hold her in my arms!

Saturday Ryleah came over to play and we had a great time.  Crystal and Dakoda came over and so did Laura and Brandon.  We all hung out and watched the award winning Toy Story!  LOL  It was a fan favorite!  The kids were so funny!  I told them to smile and Ryleah said “Make a silly face!”  This is what I got!  Silly is right!  She is sitting on Dakoda’s lap here.  She was so determined to get up there.

Silly Faces

After all of our company left Ryleah wanted to go “Bye Byes” so we headed over to visit Jodi and the kids!  Ryleah had a fun time and fell asleep on the way home.  I carried her in Pete took off her coat, I put her in bed and she never stirred at all!  Then Shannon called and we had a good 2 hour or so talk.  I have the best friends, I really do.  We gossiped and laughed so much.  Seems like she thinks the same things about someone as I do.  It is fate we are such good friends.  🙂

I fell asleep around midnight and didn’t wake up until Nikki came at 2 am to get Ryleah.  Then I headed up to bed. 

Pete and I slept in until 9ish this morning and then went out to breakfast!  When we came home we watched CSI and Without a Trace from Thursday night and then went outside to check out the action.  My next door neighbor’s house was on fire and there were about 5 fire engines out front!  He set his room on fire!!!  Everyone was fine, thank god!  I stopped gawking at the action cause I had to shower.  I went to one of my oldest friend’s (Tony) sister’s Home Interior Party today.  I got a Christmas gift for Nikki and a Mirror for me! It was fun.  I love Tony’s mom so much.  She is the greatest! 

Then I got home Pete and I caught up on all of our shows and I caught up on blogs while he played Xbox with some friends.  I am getting ready to head to bed now.  It was a very full weekend, but it went by way way too fast! 


3 Responses to “Weekend Fly By..”

  1. shannylj Says:

    LOVE that mirror! I had the best time talking with you. I always do! xoxo

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    umm just how do you set your own room on fire? hmm candle kinkyness? lighting farts?planning to take over the world with a chemical bomb? I am curious.

    🙂 It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I know what you mean by things going to fast. Seems like just a mintute ago it was friday afternoon!

  3. Ani Says:

    I hate when weekends pass to quickly.

    Umm Fire?

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