Why Are You Reading???

I have a few readers that read and I have NO IDEA what thier interest in me is.  Why are they reading about my life, why do they care?  I have two tracking systems on my blog and I took the time to label all of my friends and my “non friends”.  The one system I use even shows views through a secure proxy.  Hmm guess it’s not so secure after all!  I have a regular reader who comes to my blog ALL.THE.TIME. and I have yet to figure out why they care about my life so much.  I guess it is just because I am so fabulous they can’t stay away!  It’s ok, I know I am an interesting read 😉  Shoot I would read my blog even if I wasn’t the one writting it!  LOL  Now the reader I am talking about is not one my lovely friends who I share emails with and comments with, it’s not a witty author of the blogs I visit daily, but a person who knows me in real life (we have only talked once), but doesn’t know the truth, true me, or half as much about me as they think.  I don’t care this person reads (I just don’t understand why?),  I have nothing to hide.  I am actually kinda flattered.  The only bad thing is I don’t think they have a blog anymore, so I can’t stalk back…LOL…..So a question for my regulars, Do you have any real life non-friends who can’t stay away from your blog?        


10 Responses to “Why Are You Reading???”

  1. Ani Says:

    Yes. I told you about her. I wish she would stop reading. Arrgggh.

  2. Susan Says:

    I don’t know if i do or not. Heck I don’t blog enough these days to KEEP my regular readers that I know in RL and through emails….you want me to kick this person arse for you?!?!

  3. Betty Says:

    I read your blog daily, and I do not know you. I found you, initially through Rachel’s blogroll (hey there, cupcake). There are several blogs I read daily and I do not know the bloggers. I guess I’ve just become addicted! I guess I come back every day because you do lead an interesting life, you always have such positive things to say and I also admire the love you have for your mother and your family. Maybe I can relate because I lost my mother at an early age (I was 21) who was very important to me. Keep up the great writing!

  4. Michele Lane Says:

    I was trying to think of something smartass to say.. something about being a stalker who wants to keep tabs on YOUR life so I can mirror it in my own.. but I was afraid someone might not understand that I was teasing.

  5. shannylj Says:

    You know about the BS girl who reads mine. I’m totally fine with anyone reading my blog. But when they read, then act like they don’t when you talk to them in real life….it’s just weird!

  6. Bug\'s Mama Says:

    I found you through miss Shanny, so I kind of feel like I know you from her, even though I don’t “know” her either!!! Hope you don’t mind me reading, feel free to stalk me too! BTW, congrats on your engagement!

  7. Christina Says:

    I have no idea who reads my blog. I don’t know how to check the log (I’m sure it isn’t hard), but I also don’t really care. I know my in-laws and real life friends stumble across it on occasion, but that’s fine because I don’t put anything that revealing on there (just b/c you never know plus it was my husband’s request). Especially lately, since I’ve been busy with work and just haven’t really felt like blogging much.

  8. Sara Says:

    I don’t really know who reads unless they comment.

  9. Evonne Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and have never left a comment until now. I love reading about your life. Hope you don’t mind. Feel free to read my blog. Congrats on your engagement!!!!!

  10. Deb Says:

    Most of my real-life friends don’t even know I have a blog! And if they do, they don’t know how to find it! However, I don’t know if there are any real-life non-friends reading my blog. I’d rather not know because then it would bug me! Unless I could stalk back – ha!

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