Ups & Downs

I am sitting here going through my emails and reading stuff from my Disney Yahoo group.  I am also thinking about my Honeymoon and how great it is going to be.  In exactly one year from today I will be coming home from my Honeymoon.  I am sure we will be dead tired.  It will be the end of an almost two week trip filed with friends, weddings, tons of pictures, and a great low key relaxed trip to WDW.  I am really going to try to keep it low key.   We want to just stroll around and take it all in, who knows how many more kidless trips we will have.  We will be at the parks during the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot.  We can eat our way around the world.  We will also be there during ABC’s Super Soap Weekend.  We will be avoiding Disney Studios that weekend for sure…LOL.  I am really looking forward to a trip with my sweetie and me.  Last year was fun with all of the family, but a romantic trips just for us will be great!  We are getting the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan that includes 3 meals a day.  That is a lot of meal planning.  I love planning!  We will probably double up and use two meal credits to be able to eat at some of the pricey-er fancy restaurants some days.  Pete and I talk about our trip all the time.  We are so excited for the wedding too.  Most of our best friends are all on board!  It is going to be great to spend so much time with them all.  There are even a few that we ruled out, we invited them because we wanted them there, but were not holding our breath since we know they really can not afford it.  Well not only are they going, but they are like the most excited.  I have been getting calls to talk about it everyday!  It is wonderful!  I thank god that my life is turning out the way it is.  I have had my fair share of Downs, but these Ups, are way worth it!