Stinky Hands

My hands stink.  I have scrubbed them and washed then and scrubbed them some more.  Why do they stink?  Well cause Pete and I went to my favorite Crab House and had steamed crabs for dinner.  Well I had steamed crabs and Pete had a seafood platter and then some crab meat I picked for him.  He hates how the old bay makes his hands so dry!  The crabs were BIG fat ones that were so good. 

We found out tonight that another one of Pete’s friends is ready to book her cruise.  Woo Whoo!  We are going to have so many good friends with us to celebrate our wedding. I am so glad.  This is going to be fun!  Tonight Pete and I were talking about the cruise and about the excursions we want to take.  There really arn’t many, we want to spend time enjoying our friends and family.  We have the Passporter for Cruises and today our 2008 Passporter for Walt Disney World came.  I love these books so much.  They are really full of great information.  If you are planning a Disney Cruise or a Trip to WDW I highly recommend one of these books.

We are looking for a good company to have our “Wedding Logo”, the same one from the towels, printed onto magnets.  The doors on the cruise are metal and we want our guest to all stand out.  So when you walk through the halls you will see our groups.

Last night my Dad came over to watch a movie with Pete and I.  We watched Mr. Brooks.   It was pretty good.  Not at good as Perfect Stranger that we watched last week.  Next week we will be watching Fracture.  Can you tell the kind of movies I like?  You have to love Netflix!  I know we do. 

Oh and one final thing.  Pete and I have kinda engagement pictures taken when we were in AZ visiting Pete’s Parents.  I am not loving them, but this one turned out pretty good.  Our main reason for getting pictures taken was a family picture with the whole family now that I am part of the family!  Wasn’t that sweet.  So with out farther ado…..

Engagement Photo

Week 29

Week 29

  • Your baby’s head is in proportion with body now. He appears more like a newborn each and every day!
  • Fat continues to accumulate under the skin — only now preparing for entering the *real world*.
  • Your baby’s brain can control primitive breathing and body temperatures.
  • His eyes can move in their sockets. Soon he will be able to follow a blinking light.
  • Your baby is increasingly sensitive to changes in light, sound, taste, and smell! Various studies show that your baby may indicate preferences (or disdain) for particular tastes or odors at this stage
  • He is also moving from side to side, but probably still is head up. In the next few weeks, he will move to the head down birthing position. At times you may feel as if he is performing somersaults for a circus act!
  • Her length is now approximately 15.2 inches (38.6cm) and weight is 2.54 pounds (1153gm)