Christmas is in the Air

I am really excited about Christmas this year.  I can not wait to go get our tree.  I have lots of new ornaments that haven’t been used yet.  We are going to put our tree up in the dining room.  There is no room in our living room so the dining room it is.  It will be pretty and I am still decorating all over.  We are not sure if we are going to cut down our tree or buy it from this farm that sells already cut trees.  I love a real tree.  Fake trees are not the same.  I have a fake white tree that is super fabulous and so pretty.  I use white and purple lights on it and have tons of purple, silver and sparkly ornaments that I hang on it.  It is pretty in it’s own way.  I don’t think it is pretty as a fresh cut full tree.  I have never seen a fake tree look as good as a real one.  My family has bought a special ornament each year, my sister and I each have our own boxes full.  Each one is labeled with our names and the years.  I despise balls, you know the kind that come in a box of 12 in all different colors.  The scream “un-Originality”.  99% of the decorations I hang on my tree were each specifically selected.  The funny thing is that Pete’s family did the same thing so this year we have a box of his ornaments to hang with mine.  It is going to be great.  This is the first year our ornaments will be all together.  Three Christmases ago (2004) we put up a real tree that was decorated with Laura’s ornaments and mine too.  Then the next year (2005) I put my white tree up.  Last year (2006) it was the white tree again.  This year a real one (thank god), decorated as a mesh of Pete and Lisa.  We also have our 2007 Mickey-ear balls that we got in Disney World in February!  I will take lots of pictures of the tree.  I was hoping to get our tree this weekend, but since we have out of town guests that isn’t going to happen.  Next weekend we are going to New Jersey for the weekend, so who knows when we will get it up.


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