Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is bettersweet around my house.  It was my Mom’s favorite holiday of all!  I am sad the whole day, but push on to make the food she made. to try to bring the joy she brought.  It is never the same, but it is ok, we try to make the best of it.  We had a very nice day.  Laura made her first Turkey and I made the sides and we enjoyed a meal all together.



 After we ate Laura and I headed to the grave yard to leave my mom a scoopful of “raw” stuffing.  The we came back to the house and napped.  After our nap we went to our friend Jodi’s house to hang out for a while.  Then it was home and to bed!  Pete’s friend Rick and his two kids came for a visit.  They are staying until Sunday!


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    everything looks yummy.

    I know what you mean about nothing being the same. Even 15 years after my Nana is gone the food just doesnt taste just right.

    Think though of all the things you had to be thankful for! Yall have a GREAT year ahead of you…. and come to think of it, so do I. Because I get to be a part of it. I am thankful for you friend!

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