Birthday, Shopping & Movies…OH MY!

Lauren’s Birthday was on November 22.  She was 15 years old.  I have known and loved her for more then half my life now.  It’s the day after her birthday and Lauren and I headed to breakfast and then the mall.  She got a new iPod for her birthday and Pete and I bought her an iskin.  The best covers for iPods ever.  It was damaged so I took her with me to replace it.  Some how she conned an iTunes gift card outta me too.  While in the Apple store I also picked up a set of speakers for Pete’s family as a joint gift.  That was the extent of my Black Friday shopping.  To make is worse nothing I bought was on sale.  😦  I did however have a great day with one of my favorite people.  After the mall we went to see Enchanted.  It was so good.  I loved that the beginning cartoon part was hand drawn.  I love hand drawn cartoons.  The are so much better then computer animated ones, atleast in my opinion.  Disney did a great job on this movie.  It was entertaining and funny and the actors were great!