My Niece’s Face

Today was so amazing!  I gotto see Princess’s little face!  She is sooo pretty!  We went to get Laura’s 3D sonogram this morning.  It was awesome.  Princess didn’t fully cooperate, she was snug in her “Special” Place and didn’t want to move.  LOL  We did get some good pictures.  You can see them all HERE

Imported Photos 00431

 We found out that princess has HUGE feet.  She got these from her daddy!  We all have small feet on our side of the family!

Imported Photos 00426

I almost missed it.  I had set my alarm clock for 7pm instead of 7am!  Laura called and called, but we do not have a phone upstairs, and we are down to only one phone downstairs.  I have to fix this problem ASAP! 

After the sonogram my Dad and Laura and Brandon came back here and we took this weeks pictures.  I really love getting all of Laura’s growth in pictures.  It will be great to look back on once she is a skinny mini again! 


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