Cancer Sucks & Hell

Tonight my Dad, sister and I went to to the hospital to visit my aunt.  She was the aunt who about a month ago was diagnosed with throat cancer.  Well for over a week she hasn’t been able to eat or drink.  Her throat is so swollen from the radiation.  They inserted a feeding tube and they are giving her lots of fluids.  She doesn’t look real good and it hurt me so much to see her look so bad and to not be able to hardly talk.  It really made me sad and brought back so many horrible memories of when my Mom was in the hospital dying.  Cancer is so not fair.  I know life is not fair in general, but cancer is the worst!

We were talking about Heaven and Hell in the car on the way home from the hospital.  I think everyone goes to Heaven.  I think when they get there God has a strict talking to the bad ones and then they see the era of their ways and are good again.  I was talking to Shannon about this the other night too and she is a believer in hell.  What kinda things (crimes?) do you think warrant going to hell (if you are a hell believer?)


3 Responses to “Cancer Sucks & Hell”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    I am a christian. Im not a pushy one, and I dont usually say to much about it… BUT since you asked 😉

    I do believe in heaven and hell. I guess I see hell as a place where there is a total absence of the Father.. to me that would be the worst possible place period. Because I believe that man has a sinful nature and that redemption is possible through Christ I have to believe also that in God’s eyes, all sins are equal. Its a hard hard line thats drawn.

    BUT I dont even begin to understand how someone like the mother of that baby they found in that box in Texas and someone who tells a lie or commits adultry could possibly deserve the same level of punishment. I refuse to believe that God doesnt reserve a special punishment for those who commit unredeemable sins.

    Things like that leave me at odds with the theology of the church.. I cant reconcile it in my head and the educated person that I am has to believe that there are other options than just the hard cold biblical ultimatum. It just cant be that cut and dry to me.

    ooo Im babbling. short answer? Yes I believe in hell. ANd pretty much anyone who hurts an innocent deserves a ticket straight there.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Child molesters, murderers, anyone who, like Michele said, hurts an innocent.

  3. Ani Says:

    I am sorry for your aunt! It is horrible to go through and watch the suffering.

    I do believe in hell. At least I’d like to. I think there has to be consequences for evil behavior. I think people have evil thoughts all the time(just don’t admit them) but they don’t go acting them out. That is the difference. And I’m not talking about jay walking, forgetting to give exact change, or giving the finger while driving.

    I think hell is a place for people who are murder people(not in self defense) but cereal killers, child molesters, war mongers(genocides).

    Ultimately I am thankful it is not up to me to judge who should and shouldn’t though go to hell.

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