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I love to read!  I got four books today and I am having the hardest time picking which one to read first!  The Woods by Harlan Coben; Lean, Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich; Hide by Lisa Gardner; and Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell.  They all look sooo good! Coben, Evanocich and Cornwell are my favorite three authors.  Gardner is a new one.  Hopefully she will live up to the reviews! I want to take a hot bath and read atleast half of one of these books.  I prefer hard back books.  Since I do alot of reading in the tub I have found hard back books hold up getting wet a little better!  I also do not like the library and end up buying most of my books.  Again it is because of the bath tub,  the Library hates getting warped books back!  I also hate that sometimes you find stuff in library books like boogers, or pieces of food or other peoples shopping lists.  Sometimes there is some gross stuff hiding out in library books! 


2 Responses to “Books”

  1. cady Says:

    lean mean thirteen is awesome! i love janet evanovich.

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    boogers in library books??? ewwww I never thought of that. yuck!

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