New Years Eve

We are spending our New Years Eve with our great friends E & K & J in New Jersey!  It is going to be wonderful!

New Years MeMe

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Weekend Over

This weekend flew by!  It was so fast!  I wish I was off tomorrow. 

Today Pete let me sleep til 11:00am!  Love it.  I love sleeping  late.  When I got up we went shopping to get the things needed for Laura’s shower.  We went to Michaels, the Factory Card Outlet, Target and Sam’s Club.  I got all kinds of good stuff and spent tons of money!  I am so excited about the shower.  I can not wait to see all the baby stuff!

I have not felt the best all weekend, so I spent alot of time laying on the sofa with my laptop planning stuff for the wedding!  It is creeping up on my so fast.  I need to pick a dress.  In two weeks Shannon is coming for a visit so we are going to go to some dress stores.   I can not wait to see her!

Speaking of friends….I talked to Momma Michele for over an hour tonight on the phone.  She is a riot!  It was so great to talk to her.  She is such a sweetie!

Well I am hitting the sheets now!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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No Title

I can not think of a Witty title for this post and I don’t want to hurt my brain any trying to think of one.  Pete and I are watching the Giant’s game.  They are his home team.  I really hope they win.

We have done nothing at all today!  It has been so very nice.  I slept in until 10am this morning and it was heavenly!  Then I got up and we watched a movie.  Stick it!  LOL  It was ok, kinda along the lines of Bring it On.  Pete made breakfast during the movie.  Around 1 or so Pete was in a snuggly mood so we headed up to take a nap.  Well he snuggled up and napped while I came down stairs and cleaned the kitchen!  I also put a pork roast into the crock pot!  I heated up pizza from last night and settled into the sofa to cruise the Internet.  It’s 10:30 and that is what I am still doing.  I have engrossed myself in wedding and honeymoon planning today!  I have a tentative itinerary for Walt Disney World Planned! It has been a nice day.  Just me and my Sweetie! 

Tomorrow we are heading to Sam’s Club to get some stuff to take to our friend’s E & K’s house for New Years Eve.  I can not wait to see them!  I also need to order Laura’s Shower cake.  Her shower is next weekend.  I still have so much to do for it!  It will be great! 

No one has updated their blogs today.  Not one blog that I read has had an update today!  Come on gals!  LOL   

He Got Engaged!

On Christmas he got engaged.  I always thought that I would be sad when I found this out.  I loved him for so long.  Like totally head over heals loved him.  I loved himin a way I have never loved anyone.  Until I met Pete.  Nikki compared my early love and constant rambling about Pete to my love for himI stopped “LOVING” him a while ago (back in 2006).  I came to the realization that I love Pete deeply and way differently then I loved him.  I have been friends with him almost 20 years.  That is a long long time.  Most of this time I was loving him.  Today when I found out about his engagement I was happy for him.  Happy for her too.  I have met her and she is sweet!  She is a really good girl.  The kind of girl he deserves!  I called Nikki as soon as I found out about this engagement.  She asked me if I was jealous.  I told her nope not at all.  She said not even a teeny tiny bit?  I thought about it and I am not.  It feel good to just be happy for himwith no jealously whatsoever!          

Week 35

Week Thirty-Five

Week 35

  • The average baby weighs almost five and a half pounds now.
  • Most babies born now will survive and without many long-term problems.
  • Fat accumulations plumps up the arms and legs this week. These layers of fat will help her regulate her body temperature. They also provide those cute little dimples on elbows and knees!
  • Her hearing is fully developed, so be sure to talk to your daughter. Do you find yourself speaking in a high-pitched tone? That’s okay since some studies show babies respond better to higher pitches.
  • It’s getting crowded! Your baby is now taking up most of the uterus and you may even feel like your chest has run out of room! Soon enough though, baby will move down and you’ll be able to breathe easily again (just not walk so easily! Ha!).
  • Your baby is 18.2 inches (46.2cm) long and weighs 5.3 pounds (2383gm).

MK Photo Session

The first day of our honeymoon Pete and I are going to have a Magic Kingdom Photo Session done.  It cost tons of money, but will sooo be worth every penny!  It is the thing I am looking forward to the most!  I search the internet every single night for more information on the Cruise, Wedding and Honeymoon!  I found the best Pictures that other people have had taken at the Magic Kingdom and I am saving them to show my Photographer. 

This one is my favorite! 

Followed by this one! 

The rest that I love are HERE!

I found the photographer I want.  I have called and requested him for the 5:00am photo session.  I can not be gaurenteed 5:00am (it may be 6:00am instead), I also am not Gaurenteed Paul, but my fingers are crossed!