What a Fun Weekend

We went to Pete’s home state of New Jersey this weekend to put flowers on his Brother’s grave.  We left the house at about 9:30am.  We Went to NJ, pick up the grave flowers from the florist and then went to the grave yard.  We stopped at Hot Dog Johnny’s for a quick lunch.  After lunch we headed on back south an hour or so to our friend’s E & K’s house.  K made a great dinner and Pete’s friend Rick and his little boy Reese came to visit.  We all had a great visit.  I really love E & K.  They are our favorite “Couple Friends”.  k and I get along like we have been friends for ever.  We tease and laugh and have a good old time.  There was lots of wedding talk.  K is more excited about the cruise them Pete and I, I think.  I gave her a Passporter book as a Christmas gift and she dug right in.  She kept saying “Do you know……..”  With every new thing she read.  I am so glad that she will be there for my wedding.  She has even volunteered to be my behind the scenes coordinator.  To make sure everything is going as planned that day.  I have a wedding planner through Disney, but she will be the one to make sure that they wedding planner makes everyone else do what they are supposed to do!  Well Kim went up in her closet and came down in her wedding gown.  She is a good 3 or 4 sizes smaller then she was when she got married, so she had it on over her clothes.  She also had the most beautiful Tiara.


Which I now have at my house and it will be my “Something Borrowed”, along with the prettiest matching necklace she lent me.  It is perfect, exactly what I would have picked.  She just saved me over $200!  This picture was taken at around 2am!  LOL  Aren’t we cute!

Kim & I

When we woke up it was snowing so we all stayed in our Pj’s and hung out til around 3pm or so.  Then Pete and I hit the road, getting home around 7ish.  I don’t suggest the turnpike in the snow.  Not fun!  All in all it was a fabulous weekend!  There are pictures on Flickr and if you are my friend then you get to see cutie Pie Miss J!       


4 Responses to “What a Fun Weekend”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    ooooo I love tiaras! I wish Id have worn one for my wedding. I wanted one but let myself get talked out of it. I HATED my hair in my wedding. It refused to do what I wanted and went all flat. BOO!. Yours is going to be AWESOME. That is soooo pretty!!

  2. Shannon Says:

    I can’t wait to meet E & K & J!

  3. Ani Says:

    Glad you had such a lovely weekend.

  4. whimsicalchaos Says:

    oh that is so pretty… love it…

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