Staying in Style

Pete and I are going to have a great honeymoon!  We have been talking about it and we are going to stay somewhere good.  We can’t decide.  The choices are Animal Kingdom Lodge; the Wilderness Lodge; Saratoga Springs Resort or the Polynesian Resort .  We are so torn!  We can not book until April, at 7 months out so I have all this long time to ponder over which resort!  They are all around the same price so that’s not the issue.  There will also be availability to consider since they are all popular resorts!  Which one would get your vote?



5 Responses to “Staying in Style”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Stay at Saratoga Springs … hehe … that’s the place where you and I met for the first time in person! LOL! 🙂

  2. Shannon Says:

    I vote for Animal Kingdom lodge! Maybe a giraffe will poke his head in through your window to wake you up with a big lick!

  3. Michele Lane Says:

    oooohhh to have that choice! YAY.. hmmm well I was raised in ALASKA. so all that wildernessey log cabin crap is kind of been DONE in my life so wilderness lodge would be OUT for me personally. And Im not really all that hot for saratoga springs.. I think I want to really actually go to a spa like sedona to get that experience (ooo ya wana go with me? wouldnt THAT be a fun girls weekend?) I think the whole Out of Africa thing is the way Id go so its AKL all the way… is concierge an option?

  4. Evonne Says:

    I think Saratoga Springs sounds like the perfect place for your perfect honeymoon.

  5. margievz Says:

    I’d do Saratoga Springs too!

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