Lucky Girl

I am such a lucky girl.  I am looking at wedding dresses and just thinking about how this is my last Christmas as a single girl.  I am going to be a Mrs. by next year at this time.  I am going to have the wedding of my dreams in like 11 short months.  I couldn’t be more excited!  Pete is a great partner, we always see pretty eye to eye on things and he actually thinks of me alot, he takes good care of me.  Like the other night my back hurt and he slept in the guest room so I could have the whole bed.  I love how he looks at me and how he tells me how cute I am.  I also love how I will peak over at him and he will see me and make silly faces at me.  We also agree on a wide range of things; from important stuff to trivial things such as how to discipline our future children or what movie to go see.  I am lucky to not just have a boyfriend, but someone that I am friends with.  We have lots of people (about 40) so far coming on the cruise with us.  It is so close.  We still have lots of planning to do!  It is truly going to be magical!


One Response to “Lucky Girl”

  1. johnnypeepers Says:

    Congratulations. I know Pete is a lucky man!

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