Today Laura and I headed to West Virginia to visit with my Aunt Joan.  Aunt Joan was my Mom’s Best Friend.  My Mom and Aunt Joan were great friends while they were growing up.  They had sleep overs and dated best friends in High School.  Aunt Joan married her man and my Mom was engaged to hers, but didn’t marry him.  He was a slimeball and she eventually found my Dad.  Thank goodness or I could have ended up UGLY!  LOL  I have seen her ex’s kids.  LOL 

So last year Aunt Joan moved to West Virginia.  It took Laura and I about an hour to get to her house.  Not too bad of a drive.  It is an amazing house.  I came right home and looked up the builder’s web site.  I would love to eventually love to live in this layout of house one day!  

It was a really pretty drive up there and Laura and I rocked out to some Christmas Music!  Check out the link to the pictures! 

Aunt Joan surprised us with  presents.  Both Christmas gifts and Baby and Engagement Gifts!  Aunt Joan’s daughter came over with her little boy, he just turned a year old.  We had a great visit.  We talked about Baby Stuff, Wedding Stuff, My Mom.  Aunt Joan made my Mom a promise when my Mom was dying to stay close to me and Laura, and she really has.  Aunt Joan is a great lady, I love her!!  She reminds me alot of my Mom, they have similar handwriting and mannerisms!  It is bittersweet being around her.  She is great and funny and sweet, but she reminds me so much of my Mom.  She loved my Mom so much and she can’t talk about my Mom with out tearing up.  It makes me kinda sad.  Laura and I talk about my Mom all the time and we never get upset, but when you see someone else so sad it can make you sad too.

Lisa, Aunt Joan & Laura

I am tired now, it was a long day!   


One Response to “BFF’s”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    It sounds like she’s an amazing woman. It must be neat talking with her! How nice that you received presents and had fun talking about baby, wedding, and life in general stuff! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling a bit less stressed out about you know what, hehe 🙂

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