Over Already??

So the weekend is coming to an end.  Sometimes I really hate Sundays, especially Sunday nights!  We are watching the finale of Survivor.  I really like this show.  Pete and I started watching it the year we got together.  Neither one of us had watched it before.  Now we are hooked.  It is our reality TV fix until American Idol starts up. 

Friday night Lauren and I went to the mall to work on a little Christmas shopping.  I got a few things I needed to cross of my list.  I still have to finish next weekend after I get paid!  UGH! 

Lauren and I had a great time together.  She is one of my favorite people.  I am soo proud of her.  She is in 10th grade now and is growing up so fast.  She is an amazing dancer, she takes classes at both school and at a private studio.  She had preformed in quite a few dance concerts with her classes and I never miss one.  She also has had some great solo performances.  She is one of the stars of her high school dance program.  She is also a varsity Soccer Player and Softball Player.  You would think with all of that she wouldn’t have time for anything else, but she does.  She is the vice president of her schools S.A.D.D. chapter and is the 10th grade Student Government representative.  She is always so busy which is good because it helps keep her out of trouble.  Oh and did I mention she takes all GT (gifted and talented) classes.  These are pre AP classes and next year she will start getting college credits for her high school classes.  I am just st proud of my girl!  We have been so close since before she was born.  I would lay in bed with her mom and have long conversations with her big pregnant belly!  I am so glad to have her in my life!

She spent the night on Friday and we stayed up way to late watching movies and having girl time.  I waxed her eyebrows and we painted nails.  You know Pete is so wonderful, he always sleeps in the guest room when I have sleep overs with my favorite kids.  He knows how important morals are to me and he doesn’t want the kids to see us sleeping together before we are married. 

This was a great weekend.  I still need to finish my decorating.   Hopefully this week I will get it all done!

One Response to “Over Already??”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    awww it sounds like you had such a fun weekend. Thats AWESOME that pete is willing to sleep in the other room when they are over. Although Im SURE lauren kinda knows whats up 🙂 Lauren is lucky to have an Auntie like you.

    Steven is not allowed to watch reality tv anymore. He gets all mad if “his” contestant gets voted off or eiminated. Its so funny. Hes all indignant and pissed off and wont watch the rest of the show.. so Thing One and I decided he cant watch anymore 😛

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