Ring Ring

Over the weekend I discovered my main stone on my engagement ring is loose.  Soon as I told Pete about it he freaked out.  So this morning we drove to the store where he bought my ring.  He had all the paper work with him and since the ring is still under warranty the repair is free.  They will polish is up and tighten up the stone.  I am so sad to not have the ring.  Tomorrow we will go back and pick it up.  I feel naked without it!  I had no idea that he bought the ring in DC!  I also seen how much it cost….yowzers!!!  My boy dropped a bundle in this ring!  We looked at wedding bands, but none looked that good with my ring!  Pete said after the holidays are over we can start a search for a wedding band! 

Ring in Box


One Response to “Ring Ring”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    OMG! Did it make your heart stop when you discovered the loose stone? One time my hand felt strange and I looked down and the stone on mine was GONE! amazingly I later put my hand in my jeans pocket and it lodged under my fingernail! Talk about one in a million!

    I didnt realize that yall were that close to DC. I have never been there and I keep threatening to take a trip up there and take the girls. If I decide to this spring maybe we can plan to meet up!

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