9 Years Later

What a differance 9 years makes. Look how young we looked! LOL


Nikki, Crystal and Me!

At lunch we were talking about life long friends and which friends you have had the longest! Nikki and Crystal have been my Bff’s for ever. Nikki and I since we were 8 years old and Crystal and I since we were like 17 or so. I am more then lucky to have these girls. I can go to them with anything. It is funny because stuff just doesn’t embarrass us. We have really grown up together. Nikki is now married with Ryleah and Crystal has Dakoda, I am engaged. It is so weird to know we used to do things like stay up all night drinking ourselves into a stupor; going to clubs after spending hours making ourselves beautiful and getting drunk in my room; throwing some of the best parties; or following stranger guys around in the middle of the night only to end up in a slow speed chase (we hid down a dead end street and escaped them)! Now when we get together it is usually for lunch and playdates with the kids, but we still share secrets and gossip like teenagers! It’s good to have friends!


One Response to “9 Years Later”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Love Crystal’s beeper! You 3 are very lucky to have each other.

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