Good Stuff

Today was a good day at work.  It was our Holiday party day!  When I got to work there was a pile of gifts on my desk!  I got a stuffed Mickey and Minnie from my Secret Santa; a $50 gift card for Target from the boss, that I plan on using tonight to finish my shopping; a tin of home made cookies; a Christmas Ornament; a Bath and Body Gift set; a Pin; a Photo Album, Christmas Sock, Post it Notes and a candle.  I got some lip gloss and lotion too!  It was a great haul!  We went to McCormick & Schmicks for a holiday lunch.  It was a fun time.  I also ran into an old High School friend, Tajuan.  When we walked into the restaurant and he was the host.  We exchanged hellos and then I went to our party room.  He walked by a while later and waved.  The attorney sitting next to me didn’t know I knew Tajuan and he cracked a joke about the host hitting on me.  Then he said that the host was hitting on him.  Dan the attorney said, “That host is hitting on me and he isn’t my type”  I said “What Black guys aren’t your type?”  He said “NO GUYS!”  LOL  So then we are eating and laughing and having a good time and our waiter refilled my drink and then said to me “Lisa?”  I said “Yes?”  and he handed me a paper with Tajaun’s number on it.  Well Dan the attorney was like OMG that hpst was hitting on you and just had the waiter gave you his number!!!  I have heard about this happening, but have never seen it!”  We all started laughing and I finally I told Dan I knew the host!  It was so funny though!  We got to leave right after the lunch and Crystal (my friend at work, not Dakoda’s Mom) and I went to the bank to cash our checks.  Well mine wasn’t signed!  We had to go back to work to get my Boss to sign my check, and then I had to go BACK to the bank!  UGH what a pain!  I still picked Pete up a hour early and Laura and I are heading out to finish our last bit of shopping!   

To end a good day, Pete got some GREAT NEWS!  He got a $6,000.00 raise!  I am soo excited, this couldn’t come at a better time with the wedding in the near future!  I am so proud of him, he also got a great promotion!


2 Responses to “Good Stuff”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    whooo hoooo what a GREAT day! Tell Pete I said congrats. Thats sooo great. I know that raise will come in handy. Lisa I am so happy for you guys.. seems like things are really coming together for you. Hooray!

  2. ani Says:

    Glad it was a great day.

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