Comcast SUCKS!

I hate comcast!  I hate that the damn channels never come inclear; I hate that we have to watch the HD channels now to even see the network channels;  I hate that I have called them 250 times to come fix it and they come and NEVER FIX IT;  I hate that I am now stuck with them for internet service too and I can’t just call up and cancel or I would be “unconnected” from the web!  I think I am going to call direct TV again since we have had a tree out back cut down and hopefully they can get a signal.  I also think I may switch to verizon for internet.  I know DSL is a bit slower, but COMCAST sucks!

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One Response to “Comcast SUCKS!”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    ditch them… and get dish network… and give them our name hehehe…. but comcast does suck!

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