Miracle on 34th Street & Ace of Cakes

After the adventures in Target Laura and I went to pick up our boys and we headed to 34th Street!  There is a block of 34th Street in Baltimore City the decorates like you can not believe!  Both sides of the street!  Every year we go to look at the decorations.  You can read about it HERE!  Of course I took Pictures.  Ther are all HERE.  Below are my favorites!

34th Street

34th Street34th Street

After the light viewing we headed over to Remmington Avenue (since we were in the neighborhood) to look at the Charm City Cake Building. No one was there, but I took a few pictures. Charm City Cakes is the place where the Food Network’s hit show Ace of Cakes is filmed!

Charm City Cakes

2 Responses to “Miracle on 34th Street & Ace of Cakes”

  1. Michele Lane Says:

    very cool. I love that show. “Make it bigger, make it badder… make it awesome! “

  2. Shannon Says:

    WOW, that neighborhood is just amazing! OOh, I’d love to catch a glimpse of Duff, or Mary Alice, or Geoff!

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