Merry Christmas

Was it a great Christmas for you?  It was for me! 

Pete and Lisa

Pete and I woke up at 7am!  We were just like little kids!  We headed downstairs and started cooking breakfast.  Laura and Brandon showed up right on time and then we all sat around waiting for my Dad.  He is ALWAYS late.  We all enjoyed a great breakfast and then the gift opening started.  We always go one at a time opening presents so we can all watch each other.  It takes a long long time, but we have fun.  I got sooo many great presents this year!  I am so spoiled!

Me and My Book

This year I got: A great Book on Walt Disney’s life; a Calendar; a CD holder for the car; a Snow Globe (of course, Pete has got me one each year we have been together, not to mention my WONDERFUL engagement snow globe); Gilmore Girls Season One in DVD; a Bath Pillow; Mammoth Crocs; a 2 GB memory Card for my Camera; two Christmas Ornaments; a new Can opener; Hairspray on DVD; Mini Muffin pan; Perfume; 2 gift certificates for the nail salon; 2 Disney Snow Babies; a Vase; Candy; Magnets; a Picture Frame; Jewelry ( ring and earring set); a Coach Wristlet; a digital Christmas Tree Ornament; Real Pearls – Bracelet, Ear Rings and Necklace; A really cool Picture Frame that spells out DISNEY with the letters as openings for Pictures; and of course stocking stuffers!

After presents we watched the parade!  I love the Parade from Disney World.  It isn’t live, they tape it the first weekend in December.  One year I am going to be there to see it!

My Dad and Brandon had to work so we had breakfast and then around 1:00pm I made snacks, Meatballs, Cheese, etc. So they could eat before heading off to protect and serve!  Laura Pete and I watched Halloween after my Dad and Brandon went to work.  I fell asleep of course.  Brandon was able to swing by for dinner, which was nice.  Laura was tired and went home around 6:30pm.

  Pete and decided to head to the movies!  We went to see the new National Treasure Movie!  WOW was it good!

Christmas is over, I am getting ready to head on to bed.  I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow!  One more day off would have been nice!  The pictures from my day are here!  

4 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. cady Says:

    we open our presents one at a time too. i love being able to see what everyone else got! are you a gilmore girls fan too?? i have every season but the last one. i’m glad you had such a great christmas…you got lots of great stuff!!

  2. Shannon Says:

    OOOH which wristlet?

  3. Michele Lane Says:

    It sounds like yall had a really fun day. You got some really great presents. You ARE spoiled 😉 Just think how much fun next christmas will be.. You will be a MRS and the little miss will be here to snuggle. YAY.

  4. ani4775 Says:

    Glad you had a Happy Christmas!

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