He Got Engaged!

On Christmas he got engaged.  I always thought that I would be sad when I found this out.  I loved him for so long.  Like totally head over heals loved him.  I loved himin a way I have never loved anyone.  Until I met Pete.  Nikki compared my early love and constant rambling about Pete to my love for himI stopped “LOVING” him a while ago (back in 2006).  I came to the realization that I love Pete deeply and way differently then I loved him.  I have been friends with him almost 20 years.  That is a long long time.  Most of this time I was loving him.  Today when I found out about his engagement I was happy for him.  Happy for her too.  I have met her and she is sweet!  She is a really good girl.  The kind of girl he deserves!  I called Nikki as soon as I found out about this engagement.  She asked me if I was jealous.  I told her nope not at all.  She said not even a teeny tiny bit?  I thought about it and I am not.  It feel good to just be happy for himwith no jealously whatsoever!          


One Response to “He Got Engaged!”

  1. Margie Says:

    That’s just proof, by not feeling jealous, that you are where you are supposed to be right now.

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