Not Yet!

It’s 3:11pm  and there is no baby yet.  Laura is 100% efaced and 6cm dialated.  She is doing great and being really strong.  We hope to have a baby soon!

Good News

Nope not a baby!  Not yet.  But you all know Laura didn’t want to be induced right?  Well she got to the hospital and they checked her progression and she was dilated to a two and she was 50% effaced.  The decided they were going to try cervadil tonight and then after 12 hours they would start the potocin.  Well they hooked her up to the monitor and low and behold she started contracting.  She is in Labor and it happened with no drugs!  The contractions are around 5 minutes apart now and may Dad and I came home to rest.  We wanted Laura and Brandon to get some rest too.  They do have strict instructions to call us if the contractions get 3 minutes apart or if she gets to a 6cm or a 7cm dilation.  We will head back over in the morning.  I am so excited I get to be in the room the moment Princess takes her first breath!  Even though Laura started her contractions and they are in a regular pattern they still wanted to give her potocin, which is known to cause harder labor.  Laura told them she wants to wait it out.  I can’t wait for the call.  I can’t wait to get back over to the hospital! 

I know now that I want to give birth in a birthing center and NOT at a hospital.  The nurses told us things tonight that upset me.  The want the mother to labor laying in bed, they are not allowed to walk the halls.  She also told us that 99% of the women who go in there get pitocion to speed things up, even if they are in labor.  They hooked Laura up to an IV just a few minutes after we walked in.  I just don’t like all the intervention.  I want to labor in a comfortable space.  I want to walk and let gravity help me along.  I want to take a shower, bounce in a birthing ball and Squat and use some natural techniques.  I am glad Laura has told them what she wants and doesn’t want, she will have the birth she wants, but the hospital doesn’t seem like it is what I want.  I am going to start researching birthing centers in Baltimore.  I just disagree with so much the hospital has to say and do!

 Here are some PICTURESon Flickr and here is a sneak peak:


My Sister!

Laura and Brandon, soon to be Mommy and Daddy

Laura & Brandon, soon to be Mommy and Daddy!


Me and Laura

Baby Bed!

The Baby’s bed!  Next time you see it there will be a baby in it!

La-La-La-La-La-La Tonight


The title is taken from an old New Kids on The Block song.  LOL  I am very excited about their reunion.  Their web site is active again.  I am so there is the reunion tour comes to Baltimore!  LOL

Tonight is the night!  Laura goes in to be induced at 5:45pm.  I am sooo excited!  I know she is getting nervous, but she is going to do fabulously!  I can not wait to see my niece!  I will have lots of pictures sometime tomorrow! 

Hopefully her Daddy will be able to pick a name.  They have it narrowed down to two.  Lacie May or Alyssa May!  I love both names.  Laura has said Brandon needs to pick.  He is waiting until we see her to make a choice!

She has the Magic….

Nikki called me yesterday morning when I said “HELLO” she said to me “We found a Hidden Mickey”.  I said what??? 

Nikki has been potty training Ryleah for the last few weeks.  She wants to have her 100% potty trained before the cruise.  You need to be 3 and Potty Trained to use the kids clubs, the free ones.  There is a nursery that you have to pay for if your child is under three or not potty trained.  So anyway, Nikki had a diaper on Ryleah this morning cause she had a bit of teething Diarrhea.  Well Nikki took the diaper off of her and she was sitting on the potty.  Ryleah yells “Mommy come here look!”  Nikki went into the bathroom and Ryleah was pointing at the Potty. Ryleah said “I pooped Mickey Mouse!”  In the potty were three circles in the shape of a hidden Mickey.  Then Ryleah said “Hi Mickey Mouse”.  LOL  Nikki flushed it away without a picture.  I am so sure you would all love to see a picture of the Mickey Poop!  LOL  I love that Ryleah is spotting Hidden Mickey’s at the age of 2.  Nikki said she told Ryleah “Lisa is going to be so proud” and then she called me!  I loved it, so did Pete.  We both laughed!   


Yup you heard right!  I not only own a wedding dress, but I have it in my possession!  Well actually it is at Laura’s so Pete doesn’t see it.  It is still the best dress ever!  Crystal and Laura liked it lots!  We also looked for bridesmaides dresses.  It is so hard to find bridesmaids dresses.  I don’t want them to be too young looking, I don’t want them to look bad on any of my girls, I want them casual and I also don’t want them to cost and arm and a leg! 

Checking out!Dress in a Bag

Here I am checking out at the store and here is my dress all bagged up!

Me and Diana

This is Diana, she was a great help! She helped me both weeks I was there. Yesterday she hooked me up with a free garment bag and Tiara. I am selling the tiara on ebay since I already have the perfect one, but it was still super nice of her! 😉 I had to ask for a picture with her since I was just so excited.

You can CLICK HERE to see more pictures of my perfect dress. It will need to be altered still. It is a bit big and needs to be steamed to get rid of all of the wrinkles! I can not wait to try it on again. Next time with the viel and Tiara and Jewlery! Ohhh! I.AM.GETTING.MARRIED!

Baby Update

No baby yet!  We are still hoping labor will kick in on it’s own!  If not Laura has an appointment for induction at 5:45pm on Wednesday.  So I am 99% sure we will have a baby by Thursday at the latest!  I can not wait to hold her and love her and kiss her little neck!  Laura is still a bit more crampy then usual and soo uncomfortable!  It is neat to see the end of the tunnel so to speak!  I plan on taking off work on Thursday and spending Wednesday night at the hospital with Laura.  I am going to be an aunt before the end of the week!  This is also great cause I have big plans for this weekend!  


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