Sooo Sick!

Michele asked me in an email if I was still alive….The answer is barely!

The Stomach Flu part of my illness is almost gone.  I can finally hold down toast and a few other light things (like water and Gatorade).  The Bronchitis part of my illness is still horrible!  The antibiotics did NOTHING!  I also have a raging sinus infection.  I drug myself to work today, but I am getting ready to go home.  I can not breathe and if you can’t breathe you can work! 

The shower was great, thanks to my number one guy.  Pete did most of the work for me.  I am too tired to post about it now, I will recap soon!


3 Responses to “Sooo Sick!”

  1. Ani Says:

    Ahh geez sorry to hear you are still sick. Can the doc give you different meds I hope which will make you feel better??

  2. Shannon Says:

    This sucks! I’ve never known you to be so sick. I feel so badly for you! Pleeeeease feel better soon! I love you!

  3. Lisanne Says:

    Oh my God ~ that’s terrible. I *fear* the stomach flu with all of my being. That’s my #1 phobia. I am *so* sorry that you came down with it! Do you know where/how you caught it? I hope that Laura doesn’t get it ~ how terrible would that be? I *hate* being sick (who doesn’t?). Sending get-well vibes your way. Ugh ~ I feel *so* badly for you!!!

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