Still Sick…STILL

I am still sick!  UGH!  I am getting ready for bed.  I just caught up on some blog reading and thought I would write a quick word or two!  My voice is slowly coming back…alittle!  I can not stand this sickness.  It is kicking my ass! 

On the wedding front….I got my wedding shoes (white Mary Jane Crocs).  I will not wear them on the beach and then I will need them for the Magic Kingdom.  They are comfy and won’t show anyway!  I also got the Mini Bus booked.  It will take our party from our pre cruise hotel to the port, then from the port to the airport(for guests) and Hotel (For Pete and I).  I got a great price and we will all be together!  I also think I am changing my Bridesmaids from black dresses to pink ones.  I am not 100% sure, but if the rumors I heard are true then they will not need to buy Passports so I don’t feel bad asking them to buy a real bridesmaid dress.  I love this picture, it’s my inspiration:


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6 Responses to “Still Sick…STILL”

  1. ani Says:

    Hopefully this will be your one and only sickness for the year. Get better soon!!!

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    oooo LOVE the pink. SO pretty. And somehow the pink just screams LISA to me.

    no passports? *ahem* Im thinking that just Steven and I going is looking better and better..especially if I get this job. hmmmmmm

  3. cady Says:

    i love pink. i think dresses that color will be really pretty.

    i hope you’re feeling better!!

  4. Shannon Says:

    Pink does seem more beachy. What if we’ve already gotten our passports? Do we get a prize? =)

  5. Lisanne Says:

    Hey! Do you have any cool Jibbitz for those white bridal Crocs? hehe 🙂 They have some cool ones on that site that could act as your “something blue,” hehe 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!

  6. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I love the color of those dresses… but call your doc and ask if they will call in Advair for ya… I think it would help ya a TON!!! The other inhaler is a 911 inhaler… like if you have an asthma attack… it helps some… but normally when one is this sick you need a 2nd inhaler like Advair… get better girl!

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