I’m Back……

Did you miss me?  I missed blogging.  It has been a long week and a half.  I am still sick, still coughing, still blowing my nose, still tired as hell, but I am back.  I am starting to feel better, my congestion is alot less and my over all achyness is gone, but I still feel sooo crappy. 

I missed de-lurking day. Photobucket I love new readers Leave me a comment. Stop hiding. Say “Hi”! I will say “Hi” back, I promise!

I am sad, this weekend was supposed to be spent with my friend Shannon. She was going to drive (still don’t know why she won’t spent the $150 to just fly and save those 14 hors of life she is going to lose) up to Baltimore to visit me. We were going to go wedding dress shopping and go out to eat and stay up late talking and laughing, I miss her so much. But NOOOOOO I had to go and get deathly ill and I had to cancel on her. I am glad I did cause my house is a mess and I am still not up to full days of activities, I am sad at the same time. BUT, she is coming up in March and we are going to go to Ocean City. It should be so much fun. We can eat at Harborside and get some Orange Crushes.  Yummy  We can get some outlet shopping in. I plan on showing her all the greatness of my favorite beach town. It is going to be a great girls only weekend. I CAN NOT WAIT!

Next weekend Nikki and I have made plans to go Wedding Dress shopping. We have appointments at three different dress shops. They are all little private owned shops. I love the attention to detail they give at a private owned shop. There is NO WAY I will step foot into the hell otherwise known David’s Bridal. David’s Bridal sucks ass! They are a meat market, they don’t care about the brides and I hate them. I have had quite a few bad experiences there. They are the devil! Miss Joyce’s (My Dad’s girlfriend) niece owns a dress shop so we will definitely go there plus two others that carry the designers I love! I have a $1,600 dress budget (thanks Daddy), hopefully I won’t need it all and I carry some over to help pay for my $2,200 photo packages (Three different ones)! I am excited about dress shopping. I have an idea of what I want, but I am sure that will change a few times. I also need to find bridesmaid dresses I like. Pink of course and tee length with shawls I think. I can not wait. I also have to finish my planning packet for the wedding soon. I need to pick the music for the processional, recessional, first dance and cocktail reception! What was your first dance song? We are leaning towards a little Bon Jovi! LOL  We are going with Chocolate cake with White Chocolate filling.  I don’t like cake so Pete got to pick!  Long as I get an icing flower I am good! 

Tomorrow Crystal, Dakoda and I are going to breakfast and then we are taking Laura her Baby Shower presents. Crystal was sick and had to miss the shower.  So many people are sick here lately!  Oh the shower was alot of fun. I don’t know how I would have done it with out Pete. He decorated tables and helped make food, he cleaned up and set up food.  He is such a good boy, I can always count on him!  I will upload the baby shower pictures, I only got a few, later. Last Saturday I was at my sickest and it was hard to keep my head up, let alone play paparazzi. Laura got TONS of gifts. Thousands and Thousands of dollars worth of gifts. I don’t know how people have a baby with out a shower. Showers are great ideas! Babies need so many things and this is a way to help new moms get what they need! Next weekend I want to go buy the baby an outfit, a dress to wear home from the hospital and I want to pick up something for Laura too! I love Babies R Us! Little miss Princess is going to have tons of pink to wear! I love girlie stuff, I feel sorry for those poor babies who’s moms do not dress them cute and do their hair! LOL Little girls deserve to be frilly and pretty! Princess will totally be set!

I am so excited to meet her. I will also be watching her for Laura when she goes back to work. Well Pete and I will be watching her. Laura works for 24 hours straight then has 72 hours off, Brandon works either 7am-3pm or 3pm-11pm. The days she needs child care will only be about 4 or 5 a month. I put in for all weekends and I will probably pick Princess up from whoever is watching her at 6pm when I get off work on the week days and keep her until 11pm when Brandon gets off. She is going to be so loved. Pete and I can not wait to be an Aunt and Uncle. We are sooo going to be her favorites!

Well Ghost Whisper is getting ready to come on and I am planning on laying on the sofa and watching it. All of m shows were new this week. Grey’s (Ugh McDreamy! Why are you such an ass); CSI (can’t wait to watch it, we Tivoed it); ER (still a favorite)……I wish this strike would be over soon! I miss my shows. Most do not have any new episodes left! It sucks. Thank goodness American Idol will be back on soon and Survivor too! I can not wait!

Sunday we are cleaning and putting away the Christmas decorations. That tree needs to come down. We bought some new Totes to store the Christmas stuff in. We filled up our old ones. I love all of our ornaments and I want them protected!

I have missed everyone and I am working on blog catching up! I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Oh and P.S. Ani – Thank you so much for my E-Card. I also want to thank everyone else who sent me get well wishes!

9 Responses to “I’m Back……”

  1. Allison Says:

    Hope you are feeling all better soon, Lisa!

  2. cady Says:

    i’m glad you’re feeling better! our first dance song was “from this moment” by shania twain. i got my dress at david’s, and the woman who helped me was really attentive. however, i did have problem with them regarding my bridesmaid dresses…they never called my girls to tell them their dresses had come in. it was a pain.

  3. multiflora Says:

    Hi. i wa sjust browsing through and saw your blog. Nice one.. keep it up.

  4. Shannon Says:

    I hate that I’m here and not there. BUT I’m so glad you’re on the mend and I CAN NOT WAIT to go to the big OC!
    I totally agree with you about David’s Bridal. They are the Walmart of wedding dresses.
    Our first dance was to “There You Are” by Martina McBride.
    And I’m so with you on moms who don’t dress their little girls cute or do their hair. Come on! It’s part of the fun! Don’t let your kid run around looking like they are wearing a bad toupee!
    I miss you! xoxo

  5. Susan Says:

    Hey i am so sorry i haven’t been on lately. My computer died and I had to wait to get a new one. I am so sorry u don’t feel good.

    David’s Bridal sucks butt, but that is where I got my dress. I had a 2,000 dollar limit on the whole wedding and my dress was just a little over 1000. LOL. But, of course no one saw the dress on me, besides my mom and aunt, because i didn’t wear it. Hopefully someday I will (i’ll have to lose some major weight because I’ve gotten bigger since then).

    You are so gonna spoil that little baby! But who better to spoil her? You are such a loveing person!

    Hope you get to feeling better!

  6. Michele Lane Says:

    Our song is “You and I” by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle.Its so sweet it gives me a toothache. But it makes me happy every time I hear it. My sister sang “Come what May” from Mulan Rouge in the wedding though and thats another great one.

    I also so BOO to David’s Bridal. They looked at me like I was a martian. I hate snooty skinny b*tches.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Be sure to rest even as you are feeling better. Or youll get a relapse

  7. Ani Says:

    Glad you are feeling better. Get completely better real soon. Niel and my song was Winter Love by The Doors. He loves The Doors and we started right before Winter.

    Niel says now though he would have picked Love Song by The Cure. It’s one of my faves and I don’t know why we didn’t think of it then.

  8. Christina Says:

    So glad to hear you are feeling much better. Hope you continue to get back to normal.

    I bought my dress and shoes from a private boutique. Everything went really well with them until it came to the alterations. The lady completely screwed up the bustle and the bra cups. I think she must have been drunk when she was sewing because my boobs certainly are not lop-sided! Oh well, my co-worker fixed the mistakes and I absolutely loved my dress (and I got it on sale…YAY!).

    My only experience with David’s Bridal was my sister’s wedding. She absolutely did not want to go there, but after looking all day long at every bridal boutique in town, she decided to check them out. She found her dream dress there with the matching tiara on clearance! I think she had someone else handle the alterations, though, because of all the horror stories she heard about them.

    Oh, and our first song was “Wonderful World” by Louie Armstrong. 🙂

  9. whimsicalchaos Says:

    We didn’t have dancing at our wedding because Jeremy’s parents didn’t want it… so when we redo our vows… they are so not invited and I’m going to have dancing lol… mahahahahaha!

    I also got my dress from a private store because the stores like David’s Bridal didn’t carry anything bigger than a size 14… and I so wasn’t a size 14… so if I wanted to try the dress on I had to pay for it and then they would order it… whatever… and I wore slippers from some shoe store because I suck walking wise in any kind of a heel… lol…

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