A Great Day…..

. . . . . . . . . . In Wedding Planning!  Wow today has been wonderful! 

  • Pete got his bonus and it is alot….before taxes it is about our total Honeymoon total budget! 
  • I booked our hotel rooms for the pre wedding stay with a GREAT pin code only avaiable to certain vacationers.  We got 40% off!  I got rooms that are regulary $125 a night (we are going value for the pre wedding stay) for only $74.00!!!!  I booked all of our family rooms!  It is great!  I am sooo excited! 
  • I booked our Honeymoon Hotel too.  We will probably change hotels at the 7 month mark, that is when it can be changed.  We are still back and forth between the Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Wilderness Lodge, Saratoga Springs Resort and the Boardwalk Inn (We are going Deluxe for the Honeymoon)!  LOL  I know way to narrow it down, right.
  • I got an appointment at the Bridal Salon that Miss Joyce’s niece owns.  She is pulling out all the dresses she thinks I will love and she will be there to help us personally!  Ekkk!  Nikki and I are going to have a ball Saturday.  We have 3 Bridal Salon Appointments set up for Saturday!
  • I got the template all made for our Mickey Mouse Program Fans!

  Sooo Excited….What a great day in Wedding World! 


2 Responses to “A Great Day…..”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    wow I am so excited for ya… sounds like an awesome day of planning!

  2. Ani Says:

    Man I miss Disney bad. But we won’t go back till CD is a few years old.

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