Exciting Day….All Before 11am

Well today has been a good one so far.  Hopefully it will get better too!

I had a “girl” doctor appointment this morning and I timed it with Laura’s weekly visit.  We went in together and I filled out all of the new patient paper work and she went back to see the doctor.  When I got called back I went to pee in the cup and peed all over my hand.  I have such a bad aim!  LOL  Then I went and got weighed…..I am down another 12 pounds!  That is the 25 pounds I was down the last doctor appointment now an additional 12.  37!!!!!!  AWESOME!  So then Laura comes out and we talked a few minutes.  The doctor is going to send her over to Labor and Delivery to be checked,,,she is having contractions and is dilated to 1cm.  I am sooo excited.  She is there now and the midwife just said she was “Ripe & Ready”.  When I talked to the Doctor she said it will probably still be a week or so, but my fingers are crossed!  It was my turn in the room with the doctor.  She is sooo nice.  I told her about my concerns of having my period while on my Wedding Cruise/Honeymoon.  We talked about birth control options.  I am not big on them.  I don’t like putting stuff into my body.  We came up with a plan.  She gave me two Nuva Rings.  The way these work is that you wear them for 3 weeks, then you take them out and bleed a week and then you put in a new one.  Well the doctor told me that after my last period before the cruise to put one in, then after 2 weeks and 6 days replace it with a new one and I will not have my period at all!  How AWESOME!  She also told me that is what she did before her wedding.  She also said that this is great because it only effects your cervix and vaginal area and not other hormones and not your blood pressure!  Perfect!  She gave me two of them and I have to keep them in the fridge until like next October.  She was really the best OB/GYN I have ever been to.  Granted she was only my third, but by far the best!

In other good news: My good friend Kim had surgery a week and a half ago to remove an ovary.  She is the friend who had the “Chocolate Cysts”.  Well the biopsy came back benign!  No Cancer!  Thank god.  I was sooo sooo worried.  She has had so many horrible female problems. 

Laura just called and the discharged her from the hospital.  The midwife said she gives her 24 hours.  When Laura was checking out she told the nurse she had an appointment next Tuursday and the nurse said “No Way”.  She said Laura will never make it to then. 

I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!  I can not wait.  I hope she hurrys up and has her tomorrow, or waits until Sunday though, I need to go wedding dress shopping.  LOL   Of course I will skip it if need be cause I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!  I just called and made Laura and I Pedicure appointments for tonight.  You need to have fresh painted toes to have a baby of course!   


6 Responses to “Exciting Day….All Before 11am”

  1. cady Says:

    oooh…i’m so excited for you guys!!

  2. Christina Says:

    Oh YAY! Good luck to Laura! I hope everything goes quickly and smoothly and as painlessly as possible!

  3. Ani Says:

    Congratulations on everything!!! Yay you will have a new title now Auntie!!!

  4. Shannon Says:

    Oooh I can’t wait!!! Let’s get that baby out & get her named! I’ve got a growth chart to paint!

  5. Lisanne Says:

    Yay!!! Wow, I cannot *believe* how close Laura is now! Please keep us updated, of course! I wish her all the best and hope that things go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Such a life-changing experience! I can’t wait to hear all about how everything goes. I am *really* excited for Laura! Tell her that I’m wishing her the best! Congratulations, soon-to-be auntie!!!

  6. Michele Lane Says:

    breathe breathe breathe breathe! (lol) Are you practicing your pain management techniques auntie?

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