No Baby

We still don’t have a baby!  Laura is stil contracting, but nothing hard or serious.  She isn’t in pain at all.  The only news on the baby front is that we think she lost her mucus plug last night and a bit more today!  Other then that she is doing good!  I want to thank everyone for the encouragement.  We are all so excited.  Here is a picture of her taken on my Cell Phone yesterday at her appointment.  SOOO cute!

Laura  38 Weeks!

It looks like she is trying to steal a basketball!

4 Responses to “No Baby”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    It seriously does, doesn’t it? haha 🙂 She is too cute. I love pregnant tummies! I am *so* excited for her (and for you!). I can’t wait to hear all about how it goes.

  2. cady Says:

    she is so cute!!

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    ohhh love the photo and I am sooo excited for ya!

  4. Michele Lane Says:

    awww what a cute picture. I wish wish wish I had some of me preggo. I was so sick I wouldnt let anyone near me. Good luck this weekend. I’ll be praying for yall!

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