No Baby

So no Baby just yet.  Laura is having stronger contractions since they striped her membranes.  Striping your membranes for those of you who don’t know is where the doctor takes her finger and loosens the bag of water from the cervix.  It involves her sticking her finger up through the cervix and it is HORRIBLY painful!  But it has been known to jump start labor.  Laura has pretty much decided to wait it out for the weekend and try induction on Monday if this weekend is uneventful!  I hope that she does go into labor on her own shortly! 

To celebrate the possible arrival of the baby Laura and I had some girl time tonight.  We went to get Manis & Pedis!  A girl can’t have a baby without pretty toes!  I love getting my nails done!  It was so relaxing!  We had a really good time!  I love spending time with my sister and can not wait to include Princess!

PediImported Photos 00456

Incase you forgot how pretty my ring is I took a few pictures of it tonight!  😉   


5 Responses to “No Baby”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I have never had my toes or finger nails done… but then again I bite my finger nails lol…

  2. Shannon Says:

    OMG that stripping of the membranes thing sounds HORRIBLE! Poor Laura! Give her a hug for me! ooh, and tell her to eat something spicy. That always helped Sara deliver.

  3. Ani Says:

    Oy poor Laura! I hope it’s a quick delivery cause labor doesn’t sound too fine. I am always rather chilly so my feet will be covered in some thick socks. But it will be the summer time so maybe I will have to?

  4. Lisanne Says:

    I am *so* glad that I never had to have my membranes stripped! Ugh! Did Laura do OK with that? I hope that she goes into labor this weekend! I’ll be checking your blog often for updates! With both children, I had pedicures (and manicures) because I wanted my feet to look all pretty in the stirrups, LOL! 🙂 I’m glad that someone else is the same way! I can’t believe that she’s almost at the end. At least you know that the little one will be here SOON!

  5. margie Says:

    So, I have had two kids, and I never knew what stripping of the membranes meant! Ugh! Poor Laura!

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