She has the Magic….

Nikki called me yesterday morning when I said “HELLO” she said to me “We found a Hidden Mickey”.  I said what??? 

Nikki has been potty training Ryleah for the last few weeks.  She wants to have her 100% potty trained before the cruise.  You need to be 3 and Potty Trained to use the kids clubs, the free ones.  There is a nursery that you have to pay for if your child is under three or not potty trained.  So anyway, Nikki had a diaper on Ryleah this morning cause she had a bit of teething Diarrhea.  Well Nikki took the diaper off of her and she was sitting on the potty.  Ryleah yells “Mommy come here look!”  Nikki went into the bathroom and Ryleah was pointing at the Potty. Ryleah said “I pooped Mickey Mouse!”  In the potty were three circles in the shape of a hidden Mickey.  Then Ryleah said “Hi Mickey Mouse”.  LOL  Nikki flushed it away without a picture.  I am so sure you would all love to see a picture of the Mickey Poop!  LOL  I love that Ryleah is spotting Hidden Mickey’s at the age of 2.  Nikki said she told Ryleah “Lisa is going to be so proud” and then she called me!  I loved it, so did Pete.  We both laughed!   

4 Responses to “She has the Magic….”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    omg snort

  2. Lisanne Says:

    OMG … yes, I am *very* glad that she didn’t take a picture (and if she did, that you didn’t post it!). LOL!!! 🙂 That is too cute. You have that little girl trained well! Is Nikki as big of a Disney fan as you are? That story is TOO funny! How is Laura doing?

  3. Michele Lane Says:

    that is so “stinking” funny… ha ha.

  4. Susan Says: cute! But i agree i’m glad that she didn’t take a picture and you didn’t post it lol. She sounds like a precious little girl!

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