Good News

Nope not a baby!  Not yet.  But you all know Laura didn’t want to be induced right?  Well she got to the hospital and they checked her progression and she was dilated to a two and she was 50% effaced.  The decided they were going to try cervadil tonight and then after 12 hours they would start the potocin.  Well they hooked her up to the monitor and low and behold she started contracting.  She is in Labor and it happened with no drugs!  The contractions are around 5 minutes apart now and may Dad and I came home to rest.  We wanted Laura and Brandon to get some rest too.  They do have strict instructions to call us if the contractions get 3 minutes apart or if she gets to a 6cm or a 7cm dilation.  We will head back over in the morning.  I am so excited I get to be in the room the moment Princess takes her first breath!  Even though Laura started her contractions and they are in a regular pattern they still wanted to give her potocin, which is known to cause harder labor.  Laura told them she wants to wait it out.  I can’t wait for the call.  I can’t wait to get back over to the hospital! 

I know now that I want to give birth in a birthing center and NOT at a hospital.  The nurses told us things tonight that upset me.  The want the mother to labor laying in bed, they are not allowed to walk the halls.  She also told us that 99% of the women who go in there get pitocion to speed things up, even if they are in labor.  They hooked Laura up to an IV just a few minutes after we walked in.  I just don’t like all the intervention.  I want to labor in a comfortable space.  I want to walk and let gravity help me along.  I want to take a shower, bounce in a birthing ball and Squat and use some natural techniques.  I am glad Laura has told them what she wants and doesn’t want, she will have the birth she wants, but the hospital doesn’t seem like it is what I want.  I am going to start researching birthing centers in Baltimore.  I just disagree with so much the hospital has to say and do!

 Here are some PICTURESon Flickr and here is a sneak peak:


My Sister!

Laura and Brandon, soon to be Mommy and Daddy

Laura & Brandon, soon to be Mommy and Daddy!


Me and Laura

Baby Bed!

The Baby’s bed!  Next time you see it there will be a baby in it!


7 Responses to “Good News”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    I checked your blog first thing this morning for some news! 🙂 Oh wow, I remember walking into the birthing room when I was pregnant with Lucas and seeing that warming bassinet … and thinking, “Oh my God, our CHILD is going to be lying there soon!” hehe 🙂 So amazing. How awesome that Laura went into labor on her own. I hope that it won’t be too long now that she’ll be able to hold her daughter in her arms. Thanks for the updates, Lisa! I’m holding good thoughts for them. Hope everything goes well. Oh, the hospital where I had our children lets you do all of those things … whatever you want to help your labor … you can walk around, labor however you want … it’s really an awesome place. So not all hospitals are like that. 🙂

  2. ani4775 Says:

    Wow is Princess here yet? I hope you find a good hospital too. I read on Hannah’s blog(Teatopia) about a movie called The Business of Being born. You should check it out.

  3. Bug\'s Mama Says:

    soooo exciting! I have been waiting to hear of Princess making her arrival and I can’t wait to see pictures of her when she gets here! How great that Laura got to so into labor on her own. Enjoy that sweet baby girl and we are all dying to hear about it!

  4. Christina Says:

    Miss Princess certainly likes to keep us all on our toes in anticipation of her arrival! I hope everything is going well. So glad Laura went into labor on her own.

  5. cady Says:

    i keep checking back to see if there is any news!!

  6. Lisanne Says:

    I know, Cady ~ I keep checking back, too! hehe 🙂 Just like a stalker. I am *SURE* that Laura and Brandon are holding their new little bundle of joy by now, and I am *so* excited for them!!!!! I’ve been thinking about Laura all day today.

  7. whimsicalchaos Says:

    not all hospitals or docs are the same… so just remember that… and if you pick a birthing center… make sure it is close to a hospital incase anything does happen…

    But, I can’t wait for the updates… you gonna be an auntie soon!

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