Birth Story

Since Princess has been born I have been working on her Birth Story.  I wanted to document it all so one day she can look back on it and see all it took to get her into this world.  I have posted it below and plan on printing it out for her Baby Book!


On Wednesday January 30, 2008 at 5:45 pm Laura checked into the hospital to get induced. She didn’t want to be induced at all and was very nervous about it. They assigned her to a room, room number 250 and the midwife on duty examined her. Melissa was the midwife’s name and she was great. She knew Laura didn’t want to be induced and since she was already having contractions she re-stripped Laura’s membranes. They were going to start Cervidill on Wednesday night and then the Pitocin in the morning. Laura had her heart set on a natural delivery and didn’t want Pitocin at all since it can cause stronger, more painful contractions.

Within 10 minutes of being examined Laura’s contractions started coming on stronger and more frequently. She was in labor! My Dad and I hung out until about 10:00 or 11:00pm. Laura needed rest, she had a big day ahead of her. My Dad came back to my house to try to sleep. We did not sleep much at all that night. We were too excited. We had made a plan for Laura to call us if the contractions got 2-3 minutes apart or if her water broke, or if she dilated to a 6 or 7. Dad and I were both ready by the phone all night.

I woke up at 7:00am and I had not heard from Laura or Brandon so I called Laura to check on her. She answered in tears and told me that the contractions had gotten so much stronger throughout the night. I started crying and woke my Dad up and we rushed to the hospital. I couldn’t stand to hear her in pain. She is my baby sister! We got to the Hospital in record time.

When we got to the Labor and Delivery floor Laura was in pain, lots and lots of it. She had been walking all through out the night and had progressed to 3 Centimeters by morning. Laura was going to try getting a warm shower to ease the pain so my dad and I headed down tot he Café to get a bite to eat. We also got a breakfast for Brandon, he was starving since her had been up all night. Laura was throwing up from the pain (it was that bad) and didn’t want to think about breakfast!

When we returned to the room she was in a lot of pain still and the midwife, Melissa moved her to a room with a Jacuzzi tub. Room 270. It was a large room with a huge tub and it’s own little waiting room behind a curtain. It also had a sofa in the waiting room and one in the actual room. It was the best room in the house. Laura got the penthouse suite! Once she got settled into the room the midwife called maintenance because the tub didn’t have a stopper. They came right up to fix it. After talking to Melissa it seems that this hospital NEVER gets a mother who wants to go natural and soon as they walk in the door the hook them up to Pitocin and give them an epidural. Melissa is a trained Midwife and doesn’t agree with this. She told me she went into this field to help mothers give birth as natural as possible. She tried her best to give Laura the birth experience she wanted! Melissa said she had only been at the Hospital 3 weeks and hated it and the way it was ran. Laura was her first natural birth (or labor) in that whole time! I want to find out what office Melissa works out of. I would love to have her help me give birth one day.

Laura spent over an hour in the tub and it helped some but as the day wore on the pain increased. Melissa came in to say goodbye at 5:00pm she had to leave and pick up her one year old (who she gave birth to at home…he weighted 9.5 pounds). She got off at 4:00pm and was trying to hang around as long as possible to help Laura out. She wished Laura all the luck in the world and even hugged and kissed her. She was wonderful! Geri took over as the Midwife on duty once Melissa left. Geri was nice but not as caring as Melissa. It seemed as if she pushed for the epidural all day. She didn’t fully respect Laura’s decision and it upset Brandon a lot. She checked Laura and she was at 7 centimeters. We talked Laura into some Stadol to ease the pain and she took a nap. After her nap she was checked again and was regressing. She had went from a 7 to a 6.5. This worried us. They then broke her water and we discovered Meconium. This was not good. Laura got scared, really scared! I went to the hall to cry and call Nikki and Pete. I was so scared too. I know she wanted to go natural, but as of now she had been at this over 24 hours and was losing steam. She couldn’t think straight she was in so much pain. I talked about it with Nikki and Pete and I told them both I was scared she would refuse the epidural and then in 2 or 3 hours want it and it would either be a. too late, or b. she would then be too tired to push and would end up needing a C-Section. The baby was transverse at the time. That is facing Laura’s leg instead of the floor and the progression was pretty mush stopped. They talked about possibly needing a C-Section with Brandon, my Dad and I. I went back into the room and told Laura she should get the epidural. I told her my thoughts and she agreed instantly. They started extra fluid to prepare for this.

They called the anesthesiologist and it seemed like he took forever to get there. All in all about 45 minutes. We had to go out in the waiting room for this part. They even made Brandon leave the room. He was fuming. He was scared and he wanted to be there with his wife and daughter. My dad and I sat in the waiting room. The Midwife came and filled us in during this time. She told us the baby was stuck and they were most likely going to do a C-Section. I was scared and crying again. I didn’t once let Laura see me upset. I kept praying and asking my Mom to help Laura through this!

My Dad and I held hands, he was scared too and we walked back to Laura’s room. When we went in she was pain free and feeling much better. She said if she knew labor was going to be so long she would have had the epidural 12 hours ago. Laura apologized to Brandon and I for being mean. We both told her we expected MUCH worse and that she wasn’t bad at all. I went and laid on the sofa in the waiting room alcove and Brandon caught a nap in the sofa in the room. My Dad sat and held Laura’s hand and she rested. I couldn’t rest. I was so tired and so scared. At this point, after talking to the midwife it seemed as if the midwife was about 90% sure it was going to be a C-Section. They wanted to check her before they called the back the Doctor who would need to be in the operating room and when they checked Laura around 10:30pm and she was dilated to 9 centimeters the decided to let her go for it! I went back and held Laura’s hand. We talked about how great it was she was progressing again! She kept saying how much pressure she felt! We got the midwife to come check her around 11:10pm. Well they asked my Dad to step into the little attached waiting room and they checked Laura….She was a 10!!!! She started pushing right away. The midwife said “I don’t believe in episiotomies” and Laura said “Good, because I don’t want one”. Then all the nurses and the NICU doctor showed up. Brandon called his parents at 11:15pm and told them to head to the hospital, that Laura was starting to push. We thought it would be an hour or two of pushing. Laura was a great pusher. I held her leg for a while then it was moving so fast I moved to the other side since the nurses needed to be there and the NICU doctor so they could make sure Princess was okay. They had to call the NICU doctor because of the Meconium. The baby was coming right out. Seeing her little head was just the most amazing thing ever. They let Laura reach down and get feel it. 3 pushes later and the head was out. The cord was around the baby’s neck, the midwife removed it and Laura pushed the baby the rest of the way out. It was 11:34pm. 20 minutes after she started pushing. They started suctioning out her mouth and throat. And Laura said “She isn’t Crying”. It was kinda scarey. The baby answered her with a big loud cry! I was in tears too! They held her up and I snapped a picture. I ran it out for my Dad to see and I ran back in. Brandon called his parents back to tell them they had a grand daughter and they were walking in the doors of the hospital. They live at least a half hour away….So I think they were speeding. LOL I was standing near the warmer and I got to be the first person to touch her, I reached out and stroked her little foot. She snatched it away from me. LOL Guess she is ticklish like her Mommy. Brandon came over and met her. The nurses and midwife asked her name. Laura and I both looked at Brandon. They had picked out Lacey and Alyssa and Brandon wanted to see her before he chose. She looks like an Alyssa, but we all still call her Princess. Her Apgar score was 8/9. She was perfect! They put her baby lo-jack on so no one could steal her and handed her to Laura. She started nursing right away! They took her back after a few minutes and took her foot prints and cleaned her up some more. Laura delivered the placenta with no problems. The baby weighted in at 8 pounds, 6.7 ounces. She is 20.5 inches long. Her head was 33 centimeters around. Laura didn’t need a single stitch. She didn’t tear or rip at all. She nursed Alyssa again and the baby started eating right away! After they cleaned up the mess from the birth my Dad and Brandon’s parents came in to meet Alyssa May Stickles! She is so perfect. Brandon’s parents stayed about 20 minutes then left since it was so late. My Dad and I took turns holding sweet Princess Alyssa before we left. They brought Laura a snack and she was almost too tired to eat it. I didn’t want to leave, but it was almost 3am and we were all so beat! I kissed the Baby, Laura and Brandon and I told Laura how very proud of her I was then I dragged my Dad kicking and screaming (not really) out of there.

I called Nikki on my way home from the hospital. She was still awake worrying about us all. When I got home I got online, Laura asked me to update her MySpace page and I had to send out a bragging email, then I hit the sack! I went right to sleep!

She had a long birth with a few ups and downs, but it was a great experience. I feel honored that Laura let me be such a part of welcoming Princess Alyssa into this world!

Friday I woke up and just couldn’t sleep.  I sent all of the pictures I had taken the night before to the local Walgreens so Laura would have them.  After getting dressed and picking up the pictures I headed right to the hospital.  When I walked in Jodi was there visiting the baby and Laura asked me to come sit next to her.  I sat down and she took out a gift bag.  I thought it was a gift from Jodi.  She handed me the card and it said “Laura” acrossed the front.  I knew instantly that it was written in my Mother’s handwriting.  I started shaking and Laura and Brandon both teared up.  I opened the card it started out with “Dear Laura’s 1st Baby”…….  It went on to say my mom loved them and a few other things.  It was a bit unclear at time since according to Jodi, my Mom wrote it very close tot the end of her life.  She also had gifts, a gold chain and a cross pendant.  My Mom had given these to Jodi for safe keeping with instructions to give them to us when we had our first babies.  My mom was so wonderful and though so much about us.  I hope Princess knows how much she would have been loved by her Grandmother. 

Friday was busy with visitors and all.  Laura didn’t get much rest.  Pete and I stayed until 8:30pm or so.  The baby had one little choking scare, well we were all scared.  The nurse said it is normal and they have alot of fluid still in them. 

Saturday was going home day!  I got to the hospital around 10:00am followed very shortly by my Dad.  After Princess had her pictures taken we packed up and headed down to the front of the hospital.  Laura nursed the baby all the way down to the front door, hoping she would be full and sleep the whole 15 minutes home.  She was an perfect angel in the car.  I headed to the store to get stuff to make Laura’s favorite, Chicken and Dumplins.  Laura and Brandon headed to the Graveyard.  Laura said when they pulled up to my Mom’s headstone (she is right next to the road) Laura kissed the Baby and told her how many kisses she would have gotten from her Grandmother and again how loved she would have been and is!  Then they came home and showed Alyssa her very first home! 

I made them a great dinner and tried to get Laura to rest, she was running on adrenalin.  I got lots of snuggle time in with my niece!  I love her more then anything!  When we were sitting there and I was loving up on Princess, Laura asked me if I was ready for one.  I replied “I was in that hospital with you, remember…It’s going to take atleast 2 years for me to forget all that!”  LOL 

Laura is adapting so well to being a Mommy.  It is coming so natural to her!  I am very proud of my little baby sister!


7 Responses to “Birth Story”

  1. Christina Says:

    What a great story! You are such a terrific sister! Congratulations to everyone, again, and welcome to the world, Alyssa!

  2. Ani Says:

    Aww the proud auntie. Thanks for sharing the story. Laura and Alyssa are lucky to have you. And the part about your mother made me teary! Congratulations again to all of you:)

  3. debrasue Says:

    Oh, you got me with the letter and gifts from your Mom. Sniff! How thoughtful and sweet of her to think to the future in her last days. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

    Lisa, you are a wonderful sister and new auntie! I am sure Laura and Princess will appreciate your detailed description of her birth-day. It sounds so exciting.

  4. Michele Lane Says:

    Ohhh thanks for sharing the story.. Im glad that Laura didnt need a c section. The part about the gifts made me CRY! That is the sweetest ever.

    Congrats to all of you and I cant wait to play with that sweet girl in the bahama sands!

  5. whimsicalchaos Says:

    ugh ok i’m crying now about the letter and gift from your mom…

    And Laura is so lucky that she didn’t need a c-section… those suck!

  6. margie Says:

    What a beautiful story. Congrats to everyone! I’m in tears here!

  7. Susan Says:

    i’m in tears! what a beautiful story! Congrats again to you all. I know Laura doesn’t know me, but tell her that she did what I hope I can do when I have my first child. She was so strong, holding out for the pain meds. I admire her for that! Tell her that even though we don’t know each other that she is in my thoughts and prayers, and I’m so happy for her!!!!

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