Pete and I are going to register at JC Penny, Bed Bath & Beyond, and maybe one other major department store.  We also get registered at Walt Disney World since that is where we are honeymooning.  I think it is weird asking for people to apply money towards your Honeymoon, kinda like asking them to pay your phone or cable bills.  But with Disney you register for things at the park, dinners, Christmas Decorations etc.  I still feel weird and will probally not send it out with our invitations, but I think Pete and I are going to use it to pre pay for some things we want to see and do.  Here is the web site if you want to check it out. You also need to put in the month and year of the wedding!  I LOVE the gift card they sent.  This is the card we will use to redeem our items.  Each time we use it they will know we are honeymooning!

Our FIrst Wedding Gift


2 Responses to “Registry”

  1. Christina Says:

    I don’t think registering for honeymoon things is too weird. It’s actually a great way to help the couple make wonderful memories, especially if they don’t really need any household items. Ahh, registering…that was so much fun! Hope you and Pete have a blast with it!

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I think registering for a honeymoon is awesome esp. if you are like me and never had one hehehe…

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