Ring? Where is my Ring?

On Saturday Pete and I went to brunch at Mimi’s Cafe and then we took the long drive to Washington DC to take my Engagement Ring to the Jeweler.  I was very sad about this, but I did not want any of my stones to fall out.  Once we got there they told me they would need to ship the ring to their headquarters in CALIFORNIA!  This was horrible news.  The lady seen the sadness in my face and suggested they see what their on-site jeweler could do.  She came back over to me and told me that he could fix it and it would be done by 4:15pm that day!  ahhh….That made me feel so much better.  As she was writing up the slip she told me he would need to change the triangles to circles.  NOOO!!!!!  That will ruin the design. Ring RepairSo she tore up the slip and told me they would need to send it to California.  I teared up a bit but told her ok.  Then she told me it would be 6-8 week!  I said NO WAY!  Then the manager came over and told me it would only be 2-3 weeks.  I asked for a loner (I was just joking) and Pete walked away.  I embarrass him so much some times.  So my ring is GONE!  I asked the lady all about what will happen if it gets lost (it is one of a kind) and she told me Corporate would be forced to redesign it exactly.  Thank god!

In better wedding planning news……I got the Crystal Designs to make my shirts for the girls in the wedding party!
Crystals for Shirts


They are going to look so good.  I ordered all the shirts and they should be in this week! 

I also contacted the florist about my 2nd wedding bouquet.  I am going to need two.  One for the wedding on the ship and one for the pictures off of the ship.  You can’t take plant life off of the ship.  I got a pretty good quote of $250 which will include my Bouquet and Pete’s boutonniere  Here is the description that the florist and I worked out.

 “Bridal Bouquet with white roses, white stephanotis, a few hot pink roses – extra large – say 40 roses?  We would stem wrap with pearl inserts (Mickey style).  The boutonniere would be a Hot Pink Rose and stephanotis.

  It will look a bit like this colorwise:


With the Stephanotis like this:


and like this:


and the stems like this:


2 Responses to “Ring? Where is my Ring?”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I just love it all!!! It’s all going to be so wonderful!

  2. Michele Lane Says:

    so so pretty.. but $250 seems a little steeep for something that wont last but one or two days.Have you thought of using silks for the second bouquet? If you knew pretty much what the first one was going to look like then we could make a copy of it. THEN you would have it forever. They can do AMAZING things with silks these days. Thats what we did with all my bridesmaids. You cant tell a BIT in the pictures that they are silk.. and thier flowers looked better than mine after being toted around all day. I know how to make buttoniers 🙂

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