Wedding Update!

I am sooo excited.  Things in the wedding world are moving full speed ahead!  Yesterday I booked Crystal and Dakoda’s room on the cruise.  They are acrossed the hall from me, next to Nikki!  I am so happy all my girls are just a few doors away from me, it will make getting ready so easy!  I also booked Nikki’s family’s airfare.  I booked my airfare too!  Great price $89 each way!  Crystal is booking everything else once she gets her tax refund.  Shannon and Laura already have thier cruise booked and are both near me on the ship too!  I have also booked the hotel rooms for me, my Dad, Pete’s Parents & sister, Laura, Nikki and Crystal (and thier respective families of corse) for the night before the cruise.  It is great!  I am so lucky to have such good friends who support me!  I am also going to have the prettiest bridesmaids!  Sometimes I wonder how I got blessed with three of the best friends any girl could want and a great sister on top of that!

Next weekend we are doing a trail run of Hair and Make Up!  I am thinking about splurging and buying some Good Good make up, not that my covergirl isn’t good…LOL  But since I am not having my hair or makeup done for the wedding or Photo Shoot then I may visit Sephora and see what kinda damage I can do there! 

I have bought a veil, I am not going to use it though.  I will use it for the trial run hair dos, but my future Mother in Law is going to make my veil!  She is overjoyed to do it.  She actually cried when I asked her.  How wweet is that!  I really lucked out in the inlaw department.  I cringe to think of what I could have ended up with!  Pete’s mom loves me to pieces and so does his Dad.  They even want to move back to the west coast to be closer to us.  I know they are praying for some grandbabies soon!  Ha…They better pray really hard, cause they still got a ways to wait!  LOL  I think I am going to pick out all the supplies for the veil and send them to Mama Reese (that is what I call her when I am talking about her to Pete – Mama Reese and P-Daddy are his parents….LOL)  Anyway I will buy everything, cause I want crystals and shimmery fabric and creative control…LOL and send it to her.  She has a great sewing machine and is so talented!  I can not wait.  The veil is going to mean so much to me knowing she made it!  And that she made it with love!  I hope one day my kids will use it and know their grandmother made it for me!    


2 Responses to “Wedding Update!”

  1. cady Says:

    that’s so neat that your mother-in-law is making your veil. you are so lucky to have great in-laws. mine are fabulous too. i have heard stories of people who don’t get along with their in-laws, and i just can’t imagine that. it would make life so hard. sephora is awesome…i definitely think a splurge is in order! i can’t wait to see how you’re going to do your hair and makeup!

  2. Ani Says:

    That is sooo nice!!!

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